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Potala Palace Raiders.The entire Potala Palace guide, buy tickets in hand to teach, the internal essence of the big decryption.


Original title: The entire Potala Palace Raiders, teaching ticket purchase in hand, the essence of the internal decryption thousands of miles into Tibet to pull grass, what exactly do you want to see? Needless to say, quite a few travelers are coming towards the Potala Palace. Known as the "Pearl of the Roof of the World", the Potala Palace is a symbol of the supremacy of Lhasa and even Tibet. It has been built for more than 1,300 years, and it has continued to be rebuilt and expanded. If you don't come to visit the Potala Palace for the first time, the whole trip will be incomplete. Facing the dazzling cloth palace, what's so beautiful inside? How do you swim? How to buy tickets for a difficult season? General Palace Literacy: Did you make these structures? Whether you take a plane or a train, after entering the central area of ​​Lhasa, at least once you will have the chance to see the Potala Palace from various angles. The Potala Palace is located on the Red Mountain at an altitude of 3700 meters in the Lhasa city. It has 13 floors in appearance and the main building, the Red Palace, is about 115 meters high. The entire building complex extends from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. In front of the Potala Palace is the Potala Palace Square. This is the best place to leave a photo of the front punch. Borrow this front photo under the blue sky and white clouds, the little donkey will literate for everyone, next time you really face When you face the huge cloth palace, you will not "look at X"! 

▲ Map of the Cloth Palace @don mother user allenl Main / South Gate: It is located on the south side of the Cloth Palace. The main entrance beside Beijing Middle Road is also called the South Gate. It is on foot to visit from here.

▲ Pu Gong main entrance / South gate Xuecheng-Yinjinglou-Jumbo Hall: The large white outbuilding under the mountain of "Pu Gong" is "Snow City", and "Snow" means below. Syracuse's role is to be the office of the local government, aristocracy, and monastic lords who collected administrative, prison, tax, and coinage functions, as well as the residence of lower-level staff, craftsmen, serfs, and others. There is also a "Jumbo Museum" in Syracuse, which can be visited for free.

▲ Treasure Hall @donmother user alone walks leisurely 311 to gather together successfully: Enter the cloth palace and go straight to the foot of the mountain, you can see a "no-stone monument", from here is a "Z" -shaped white climbing stone steps. At the end of the stone steps there is a large black cloth mantle. This is the East Gate of the White House, also known as the "Successful Meeting Road".▲ Climb the stairs of Dengbu Palace slowly, otherwise you will be very breathless @ 驴 妈妈 妈妈 枫 枫 大 叔叔 ▲ Successfully converged at the end of the road-Ping Cuo Duo Lang Da Men @ 妈妈 妈妈 User Ping Cuo Duo Long Men (White House East Gate): The Pingcuo Duolang Gate is the East Gate of the White House, the "successful gathering road". The door frame is lined with eight auspicious, seven-lion lions carved in wood. Here the walls are painted with the King of the West, King of the North, King of the South, King of the South, and King of the East. , Northwest Qingfeng God, and so on.

▲ The mural of the King of the Kingdom of the East Deyang Xia / Deyangxia: Deyang Xia is a small square before entering the White House. It is also called "White House Square". In Tibetan, "Deyang Xia" means East Happy Plaza. This square used to be the place where the Dalai Lama watched the dancing and Tibetan opera performances during the festival. On both sides of the square were high-rise monks' houses. The official ticket office of the Palace is located halfway up the mountain, which is what everyone said. After entering the East Gate of the White House, I bought a ticket and entered Deyang Xia. The only toilet on the cloth palace is beside Deyang Xia Square. After officially entering the White House and visiting the Red House, there will no longer be a toilet.

▲ Deyang Xia lined up to enter the White House and officially started an internal visit. After entering, Dean Xia could not take pictures of the monk official school: The monk official school was behind De Yang Xia, and the monk official school was also on the west side of the cloth palace. Here mainly for monks to learn official etiquette, Tibetan grammar, poetic mirror theory, calligraphy and other places.The White House: The White House and the Red House are the two main buildings of the Potala Palace. The White House is where the Dalai Lama lives, is the "Winter Palace", and was also the seat of the former Tibetan local government office.▲ High stairs at the entrance of the White House ▲ The Red House on the outer wall of the White House: The Red House is mainly the temple of the Buddha and the pagoda of the Dalai Lama.

▲ The Golden Palace Group of the Red Palace: The top of the Red Palace is the Golden Palace Group. There are mainly seven Golden Palaces. From east to west, they are the Golden Palaces of the Nineth and Eighth Dalai Lama's Lingering Palace. , The tenth, the fifth, and the thirteenth Dalai Lama Ling Tower Hall Golden Dome. Jinding Group is currently closed to tourists.Zhaxia: Zhaxia is a monk's house on the west side.What is the main look inside? I officially bought a ticket at Mid-Side Mountain and entered Deyang Xia. I used a good toilet here, and I will formally enter the White House to start a visit. From here, the visit to the inside of the palace is limited to about 1 hour, and no photos are allowed during the whole process. So what are you looking at in the White House and the Red House? If the following introduction seems to be incomprehensible, then it is highly recommended to ask a guide to take a tour at the tour guide reservation window of the palace. The regular guides are all wearing uniforms, which are different from the "black guides" outside. Or, individual visitors can also listen to the explanations of other groups, which will benefit a lot.

▲ The only toilet in Deyang Xia Square in front of the White House entrance is on the right hand side. @ 驴 妈妈 User 可可 安 田田 田 "White House / Winter Palace | Where the Dalai Lama lives" After entering the White House, it is the "White House Foyer". The inner wall is painted with precious murals, the north wall is painted with a picture of Princess Wencheng entering Tibet, and the south wall is painted with a statement by the fifth Dalai Lama in his later years to seal Sangje Gyatso as the (ruling).The first floor of the White House is the "Eastern Hall of Perfection", and the third floor is the Bliss Room, where the old local government "Kasha" was located.On the fourth floor of the White House is the "East Hall", where the Dalai Lama holds major religious and political events such as sit-ins and pro-government ceremonies. The Dalai Lama's throne is set in the hall. Above the throne, the golden plaque of "Zhengxi Suijiang" written by the emperor of Tongzhi is hung.The fifth and sixth floors of the White House are the regent's office and living rooms, and the seventh floor is the two sets of residences that the Dalai Lama often lives in, because the sun shines all day, also known as the East Sunlight Hall and the West Sunlight Hall. Small classic hall, study room and bedroom.After exiting from the White House to the entrance of the Red House, there is a connecting platform. The view here is very good, and you can look south and north to Lhasa city and Lhasa river.

▲ Some structures of the White House "Red House | Buddha Hall and the Temple of the Dalai Lama's Spirit Tower" On the first floor of the Red House is the largest palace of the entire cloth palace, the "Western Palace of Peaceful Perfection". This is the fifth tower of the Dalai Lama's Spirit Tower. Xiangtang. In addition to the many murals in the hall, there are also a thousand Buddha statues of Wuliangshou.The second floor of the Red Palace is also focused on murals. The east to south walls of the cloister depict the entire process from the initial construction of the Potala Palace to the inauguration of the Red Palace and the holding of the Xiaozhao Fa Conference the following year.The third floor of the Red Palace has the Fawang Cave. There are very different murals on the blackened walls. The focus is on Princess Wencheng with more flowers, a Tibetan princess with less flowers, and a princess of Nepal with a headscarf.On the fourth floor of the Red Palace is the Grand Master ’s Hall, the Holy Guanyin Hall, the Mandala Hall, and the Maitreya Hall. Various murals are painted with precious historical scenes. Compared with the White House, there seems to be a need for commentators in the Red House. Especially for most ordinary tourists, they have little knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism.▲ The fixed route of the Potala Palace overlooking Snow Mountain and the street across the road from the Palace is usually fixed. The route of the Potala Palace is usually fixed. There will be obvious road signs at the south gate and the north gate.▲ Syracuse looks up at the cloth palace @donmother user An Yi Shan Xiacheng and the Treasure Hall from the entrance at the foot of the mountain. After entering, there is a snow town under the mountain. There is a Treasure Hall for free to visit, but remember to take good time When booking tickets online or booking tickets on the spot, a "ticket checking period" is allocated, which is the time period through the gateless gate at the foot of the mountain. It is recommended that you can enter the main gate and look at Syracuse 2 hours in advance.After passing through the first gate “Main Gate / South Gate” and the second gate “No-stone Stele Gate”, you need to walk up the climbing stairs to the ticket gate at Mid-hillside. It is strongly recommended to climb slowly. Being too fast can be very breathless. You can enter the White House Plaza (Deyang Xia) only after you have purchased the tickets formally at the ticket office (with an on-site reservation form) or you have your ID card (booked on the official website). The tour route will first enter the White House, then the Red House, and finally exit from the north gate on the back. Since entering the White House, the interior of the cloth palace is not allowed to take pictures. The entire tour of the White House and the Red House will take about 1 hour. If you want to use the toilet, you must resolve it in the tourist toilet next to Deyang Xia Square before entering the White House. There is no toilet.

▲ Climbing stairs, the short walls on both sides are the daughter walls ▲ The end of the successful convergence of the White House internal tour route White House East Gate "Successful Convergence Road"-Mid-Side Mountain Ticket Office-Monk School-(Go to the toilet)-Deyang Xia Square-(Enter the White House The White House Foyer—East Hall (Main Hall) —East Nikko Hall (Heiji Gwangmyeong Palace, Evergoldford Palace, Guardian Hall, Longevity Shusheng Palace, Dormitory) —West Nikko Hall (Blessed Palace, Blessing Palace) , The jealous palace, the sleeping palace, the temple of guarding the law)-Maitreya Temple-out of the White House-the platform connecting the White House and the Red House ▲ Baima grass is a tamarisk branch, which is painted in red after complex processing, and is used for the solemn construction of the building The solemnity can effectively reduce the weight of the wall. In the past, ordinary people could not afford it, so this material is one of the signs that shows the social hierarchy of old Tibet.Internal tour route of the Red Palace The connecting platform between the White House and the Red House-the altar city hall-the triumphal Three Realms hall-the longevity music hall hall-"the thirteenth Dalai Ling tower hall"-the master's hall-"the seventh dalai Ling tower hall" —Holy Goddess of Mercy Temple — "The Eighth Dalai Ling Tower Temple"-"The Ninth Dalai Ling Tower Temple"-Shilun Temple-Shakang Nengren Temple-Wuliangshou Buddha Temple-Fawang Cave-Puxian Following Temple-Xiangtong Temple- Red Palace Second Roundabout-West Youjing Grand Hall-Bodhi Road Times Hall-Chi Ming Hall-"Fifth Dalai Lama Spirit Tower Hall"-Guanshiyin Bunsen Hall ▲ Xiashan Road at the north gate exit ▲ The north exit overlooks Lhasa city, top right At the foot of the mountain is the entrance ticket to the Sera Monastery. Tickets for the Potala Palace are different in low season and high season: High season: May 1st to October 31st, full price ticket 200 yuan, half price discount ticket 100 yuan.Low season: November 1 to April 30 the following year, full-price tickets 100 yuan, half-price discount tickets 50 yuan.Those who can enjoy the 50% discount for the above seasons: ① Full-time undergraduates and below with a domestic student ID ② Domestic persons with disabilities based on a disability certificate ③ Domestic active military personnel with a military ID ④ Domestic teachers with their school work permit and teacher qualification certificate ⑤ Elderly people aged 60 and above in China who can enjoy free tickets with their ID cards: Domestic children below 1.2 meters in height Opening hours: 9: 00-16: 00, can't enter at 15:00, it will be officially at 16:00 shut down.

▲ The yellow wall of the cloth palace @don mother user Li Abu How to buy a ticket? (Tap the blackboard, draw the key points!) As the hottest spot in Lhasa, the most important part of entering the Potala Palace is to buy tickets. The Potala Palace has two gates. The first gate is the outermost main gate (south gate), and the second gate is the gateless gate. After passing these two gates, it will take a long way to reach the mountainside. Real ticket office. In order to protect the internal structure and cultural relics, the cloth palace limits the number of visitors to 4,000 per day, and there will be a certain amount of individual and group tickets.『Ticket purchase methods are different between low season and high season』 During the low season from November to April, you don't need to make reservations in various channels in advance. You can directly visit the ticket office on the mountainside through the “two gates” and use your ID card to visit the day. Tickets.During the peak season of May-October, a slightly more complicated advance booking process began. This time is not the same day as you can go in and visit. You must book the ticket in advance or rely on an appointment document. During the high season, "one ticket is difficult to find" often occurs, especially during the Snowton Festival tickets will be very difficult to buy. If you can't get your own tickets during the peak season, you can try to find some travel agencies online or in Lhasa to buy group tickets, or you can join a group tour for a half-day tour of the Potala Palace.▲ The window of the cloth palace @Uncle Mother User Feng Zi Uncle "The main channel for booking in advance during the peak season (key points)" A. The cloth palace's official website booking | convenient and fast, no need to change tickets in advance from May 1 each year, the cloth palace's official website (Http://www.potalapalace.cn) The ticket reservation system will open on time. It is most convenient to book through this channel, and you don't need to go to the site to make an appointment. Register an account on the "Ticket Pre-Order" page, you can book tickets for yourself and others. Each account can purchase up to 5 tickets, and one of them is my own.

Official website ticket purchase time: 14: 30-15: 30 every day, tickets can be purchased within 7 days from the second day. One account can buy 5 tickets.Ticket collection method: After booking the ticket on the official website, there is no need to make an on-site reservation again, and it is not necessary to change the ticket in advance, and pass the gates of each door with the ID card. If you buy a half-ticket, you also need to bring a discount certificate for inspection.Important entry: The official website booking will assign you a specific "ticket checking period". This time is the time period for entering the second door (the gate without the word monument). It must be passed strictly on time, otherwise the system will automatically Lock the purchased ticket and then void it.▲ Ticket booking on the official website of the palace. B. On-line queuing appointment This is the earliest booking method. If it is not convenient to book tickets online during the high season, you must go to the on-line queuing appointment. After making an appointment with your ID for free, you will receive an appointment voucher. The next day you visit, you will need this voucher to enter and buy tickets. Each person can book up to 4 tickets with valid credentials including himself.

Appointment time: Reservation vouchers will be issued every morning at 9:00, and you can only make appointments for the next day.Reservation location: The only ticket reservation window (West Gate) of the Potala Palace Management Office. C. Find a travel agency to buy a group ticket. If you can't buy a ticket in either of the above ways, then try to find a travel agency or a local travel agency in Lhasa. Team tickets should help you during peak season.The best view of the Potala Palace has finally come to Lhasa. How can we not take the beauty of the Potala Palace? Although many places in Lhasa can see the Potala Palace from a distance, it is not difficult to find the best camera angle. There are generally three best places to take pictures of the Potala Palace: ▲ The best view of the location A. The front of the Potala Palace: Potala Palace Square The "Potala Palace Square" facing south is the positive direction The best place to shoot is the Tibet Peaceful Liberation Monument, with several artificial lakes on both sides. In the square, the whole of the cloth palace as the background, leaving photos of punch cards, the effect is very spectacular and ideal.▲ Front view of the Potala Palace Square ▲ Front of the Pot Palace @don mother user allenl B. West side of the Potala Palace: Yaowangshan Zhaojingtai The westmost side of the Potala Palace Square, there is a "Yaowangshan Zhao" on the side of the road in Beijing Middle Road "Viewing platform" (Yaowangshan Observation Platform), behind the 50 yuan RMB is the view from this perspective. Spend 2 yuan to board this observation platform, you can see the huge white tower, or you can admire the cloth palace from the west side. At sunset, you can get a beautiful view of the sun, and you can take a lot of photos.▲ Yaowang Mountain Observation Deck from the west side of the cloth palace @don mother user Anyi ▲ Yaowang Mountain Observation Deck from the west side of the night scenery @ donkey mother user Fengzi Uncle C. Reflection behind the Potala Palace: Zongjiao Lukang Park If you visit the Gonggong Palace from the mountain road behind you, you will find Zongjiao Lukang Park just outside the north gate of the mountain. There are many pools of water in this park. You can go to the other side of the lake to shoot the reflection of the cloth palace and blue sky and white clouds in the lake. The picture sense is also very good.▲ Back view of Zongjiao Lukang Park's cloth palace @ donkey mother user An Yi How to reach cloth palace? Take Lhasa Bus No. 8, No. 13, No. 17 and No. 24 to "Baita" Station. After getting off, walk to the West Gate or South Gate (Main Gate) to enter the tour.

Take the Lhasa Bus No. 1, No. 4, No. 11, No. 12, No. 12, No. 17, No. 24, No. 26 to Lhasa Station (Lhasa Department Store), get off and walk to the South Gate (Main Gate) or East Gate to enter the tour.▲ Jokhang Temple overlooking the Potala Palace @ Donkey Mom User Drifting on the back of the Mumubu Palace: Don't miss it: Zongjiao Lukang Park If the visit to the Potala Palace in the season is from the north gate behind, go to the exit under the mountain This is Zongjiao Lukang Park. The Tibetan word “Zongjiao” means “behind the palace” and “Lukang” means “Lushen (Lu Shen) Temple”, which is often considered as “Dragon God”, so the lake in the park in Chinese is called “Dragon King Pool” ". In the past, this was a place where a few monks and nobles in Lhasa rode in a leather boat, and ordinary people were not allowed in. Later, it was opened as an open park for all people's entertainment.This free park is one of the best perspectives for filming the Potala Palace. The water of Longwangtan Lake is emerald green, and the ancient willow branches hang down toward the lake. Under the reflection of the lake, the cloth palace and blue sky and white clouds are more suitable. It is recommended to visit this park slowly after finishing the tour of the cloth palace.

▲ Zongjiao Lukang Park Longwangtan Little Donkey has something to say: When you finish the tour of the Red Palace, go down the North Road from the North Gate to the entrance of the foot of the mountain, there may be many Tibetans selling small ornaments outside the door. If you No need to leave quickly, don't ask for price. If you are interested in buying, you can cut the price. The price is generally very high, and it is about 10 yuan. Other similar accessories will be seen in other places in Lhasa. The price is cheaper than this, less than 10 yuan.

▲ Dragon King Tan @don mother user allenl ▲ The warp cone outside the cloth palace.

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