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Why can't I get a loan from the bank?


1. Product correspondence.

If you are a farmer, it depends on whether the bank has farmer loan products. If you are an individual industrial and commercial household,ofw loan without ccsl it depends on whether the bank has loan products for individual industrial and commercial households.

Currently, the loan product lines of various banks are very rich, covering various groups in society.

2. Just because a bank has corresponding loan products for you does not mean that you meet the conditions for applying for a loan.

If a bank wants to grant you credit,personal loan calculator it must first look at some basic conditions, such as personal credit, for example, if you have an overdue loan from another bank that has not been repaid. The bank will investigate your credit status, which is an extremely important condition for the bank. If your credit status is poor and does not meet the bank's regulations, the bank will refuse to grant you credit and you will not be able to apply for a loan.

3. Another possibility of not being able to get a loan is that your debt is too large.

When the bank calculates your credit limit,student loan because your debt is too large and your income cannot support the debt, it cannot grant you credit and cannot get the loan.

4. It is possible that you are a blacklist or graylist customer of Shendai Bank.

A friend consulted the author and found out that his credit score is good and there is no problem at all. He only has one backup credit card and has never been overdue. However, his recent loan applications have been rejected instantly. He felt very depressed. Did he get a fake loan?

He had no idea why he was rejected, so he had no choice but to complain to me. Because of this friend, he applied for many small loans on these apps, thinking that he would be fine if he didn't get a credit check. However, this was also the reason why his loan application was rejected.

He's on the gray list! What is the gray list?

Many loan applicants are not blacklisted customers, but their past sensitive behavior carries a certain risk of default. This group of people has a low willingness to repay. In order to control the non-performing rate, online loan (small-amount) companies have increased audit efforts, risk Companies with strict controls will reject applications immediately.

Why is it on the gray list?

The gray list is somewhere between the credit novice and the blacklist. What exactly causes it? Nowadays, most mobile loan APPs or online loan platforms will use big data for risk control. Companies with strong strength and platforms will do their own third-party credit reporting as data reference, such as Alipay’s Sesame Credit, Kaola Credit, and JD Finance. Xiaobai points and so on.

Gray lists are generally generated through big data risk control collection, and are also closely related to your Internet usage habits.

Since we have talked about gray households, of course we must also talk about black households!

Nowadays, customers with overdue credit cards and loans who are no longer eligible for small loans and bank loans are collectively referred to as black accounts in the industry.

Let’s think about it first, how can banks and other financial institutions know that a person is a black banker?

Banks check directly through the system and then go through the online credit big data system. In fact, the most important one is the credit report of the People's Bank. The major banks report customer information with overdue records. There are blacklists within the bank, so there are overdue records. The bank of record has a hard time placing the money.