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This is the end of 5 years of permanent hair loss!

This is the end of 5 years of permanent hair loss!

Hello everyone! I have to do it.It's been a long time, but ky.Ah! Wait a minute,I already showed you (laugh).I thought I'd remove it later.After the 5th hair removal.And just after the hair removal is over, it gets very dark.It's going to be thin in a few days.So I was going to show you thatI already showed it from the beginning (laugh).Well, that's right. I'll show you!.it's here! Then!How is it?And this is shaved in the morning and it's about 10 o'clock this nightJust shaving once in the morning.Well, maybe this isI think the effect will come out from around the fifth time.I met Marilyn at YouTube Space today and Marilyn who collaborated with me recently (collaboration with beautiful and beautiful makeup and grandpa makeup)I was told, "Oh!


So are you starting with a little effect? Around the 5th time.It seems that if you are a thin person it will be quite inconspicuous at the 5th time,I have to go around ten times because it's so dark.After all, if it is about 5 times, the change gradually comes out.Maybe, er, if everShave in the morningAnd I think it grew more in the evening.Isn't that noticeable even at night?I was a little surprised when I looked coolYupMaybe around here.Maybe a little bit clean,I'm stubborn here.It's a bit thin here.Oh! !Nice!So I can go once every two months.I feel like I need another yearOne year later, this may be slick and smooth,I'm looking forward to itYupWell, it's been a week since I did this.So it may be a little thinner over time.With the fifth hair removal guyWow! !Yup! Thats nice!Gradually, shaving has become easierI will continue to follow up on that, so if you enjoy it by all means good button.And please subscribe.

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