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Singapore film - Dr. Morita's Japanese shooting


Moving on, I would like to talk about international co-production.After The Golden Age of Malay films by Shaw and Cathay was over, almost no films were being made for a long time.Now, SFC proudly declares “Film Revival”. And after a while, others had some overseas shoot.Yet, I think it was Eric Khoo that contributed to the establishment of a systematic co-production.He selected the Mo Brothers from Indonesia to direct the horror film "Darah" (Macabre, 2010). It looks a little scary, though.In the early 90s, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong came up with the idea of connecting Johor Bahru, the Batam Island of Indonesia andSingapore, through the idea of a "Growth Triangle".

The manufacturing industries made factories in the area and started various activities.Talking about the creative industry, a studio was built by Indonesian investors in Batam."Darah" was made in this studio. I think 2010 was a big turning point for international co-production.I really enjoyed and appreicate Eric Khoo's film titled "TATSUMI" (2011), animated in Batam's studio.This film was based on the late Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s “Gekiga”. Eric has been a big fan of his work for a long time.Mr. Tastumi was very famous for his really serious and cinematic-styled Manga. He named such Manga, "Gekiga", which means "dramatic pictures".

"Ramen Teh"(2018) is a co-production film with Singapore, Japan and France.I hope this film will contribute to deepen the mutual cultural understanding between the two countries.

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