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Essential oil sharing: what to do for children with colds


Hello everyone!I am Lee May from AromaMayMay.I'm very excited to invite Samantha over fortoday's sharing.Samantha is a mom to a 1.5 year old boy.Her son is very cute!Recently, the weather has been erraticand many mama friends have been asking mewhat to do when their children have flu, coughand fever?So today I want to consult in you to sharewith us your tipsOK, like what you said - the weather's erraticmany children are ill and my son down withflu, cough and fever too.But if it's flu, I'll use this R.C.Essential Oil blendR.C. helps to unblock your respiratory systemThe ingredients in this blend helps childrenexpel mucus out from their body.

So how do you use R.C. on your baby?Many moms are concerned about safety as thisblend is rather strong for kids..I will normally drip 1 drop of R.C. on mypalmsthen add a pump of YL's V-6 Vegetable OilComplex to dilute itSo I would need you to assist in this demo.For cough and cold, we can use this method to care for the respiratory systemSo I'll usually massage in upward strokesThis facilitates the expulsion of phlegm.Besides massaging in upward strokes,you can also gently pat their backs in upwarddirectionThis helps the baby to expulse the phlegm.Awww it's actually pretty comfortable!I believe that this method is suitable foradults too :)Alternatively, you may use Ginger EssentialOil.As very small children are unable to coughthe phlegm outSo they expulse it by passing motionI would normally use Ginger Essential Oildilute with some V-6 and thenmassage it onto the tummy in clockwise directionThis helps the phlegm to be expulsed via thebaby's faecesWow so I've learnt something new today!

So this method is suitable for both cold andcoughIn addition to that, if you have leftoverEssential Oils on your palms you can massage the nose to help relief blocked nose.Thanks Samantha for your sharing!Hope you enjoy this video and feel free tolike, comment & subscribe!Bye bye~

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