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How to: wear bold lipstick with Linda Rodin


How often do you wear lipstick?Every single day?I don't know I feel better with lipstick.My mother was a lipstick person, she neverwent out without it, and when I became about 16 I followed suit and became the same asher.I hate to leave the house without lipstick,I feel completely naked.Since lipstick is an important part of mylife I decided to make my own.I decided to make 5 colors that I adore, just5 pencils and 5 lipsticks and they're theexact same colors.One that I'm wearing right now is called Billieon the Bike.My mother's name was Billie.I have moving images of her riding a bikein the 50s and it was exactly this color.

I like to draw my lips first, I don't lineit I just fill it in and then I put the lipstickover it so it's creamier and just looks finished.That's what it is, it's two layers.The first layer is the pencil and the secondlayer is lipstick.Another color is called Red Hedy, named afterHedy Lamarr.A scientist and a beautiful actress and shealways wore this bright red lipstick.She was just a fascinating, compelling woman.So Mod is a color that's kind of a nude pink.I grew up in the 60s and it was the mod colorthat we all wore.Then we have Tough Tomato because I call myselfa tough tomato and the last color is Winks,which a hot pink that I named after my dogWinky.

When I saw the movie Butterfield 8 with LizTaylor and Laurence Harvey there was thisscene where she writes on the mirror so Iadopted that, so whenever I was leaving my apartment or a hotel or whatever or leavinga message for somebody I would write on the mirror with lipstick.

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