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Macao's journey after eating

Macao's journey after eating

Hello we have now arrived Macau.Look at them all using their phones. Oh no just one.4 of us are sleeping a room for 2We are about to head out for dinner.What are we eating? Say it again.(Clams)We don't know the way so maybe we'll take the taxi.Okay, byebyeeeeeeeeeSo, let me introduce. This isshe wants to say this is a hot pot.Later we'll go in and have real hot potCheers!Very heavy flavour of seasoning powder. Oh a little bit numb.I feel like I am having hot pot.Whoa so hot so hot!It is a bit spicy,not spicy...Not numb but spicy.It is good?It's good!I'm so full.

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We ate a lot. We had a vegetarian meal.We did eat meat actually. One plate.How much did we spend?But we are all SO full.Most importantly, it is like eating scallop.Cause we had Chinese vermicelli, garlic and shellfish seafood.Today we will introduce you a very tasty dessert.What are the ingredients?There's milk. These's this very rich cream flavourVanilla extract!And very crunchy. Guess what it is.*Drum roll* Look at this surrounding.It is...I'm lovin' itIt is the taste of Macau.It is the taste of Kelly Wong (what?)Can you tell... the difference in the water... LOL.Good morningggg It's another day hellurrr.We are being left behind.Those 2 ran away but it's okay.

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