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Active noise cancellation headset is how to complete the noise reduction

Active noise cancellation headset is how to complete the noise reduction

The rapid development of high noise cancelling earbuds and earphones technology, followed by not only convenient and fast living habits, noise pollution is also the development of today's society can not ignore the problem. For this matter, although China has implemented a series of relevant norms, noise also has clear regulations, but closely around the daily life of a variety of noise is still difficult to avoid - from vehicles, airports, traffic noise; from construction and its equipment operation of industrial production noise; but also the streets and alleys of advertising, advertising, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise. The noise of daily life is noisy...

Noise damage to the body should bitmain l7 not be underestimated, in the continuity of the strong noise natural environment, not only will endanger everyone's sleep, will continue to destroy our English hearing, and even our central nervous system will lead to damage, such as dizziness, dizziness and other conditions, thus causing some inevitable damage.

So people pick to apply cell rapid 3d prototyping phone headphones to block the noise. But the general cell phone headset can only be based on the physics of noise reduction or increase the volume of the method to cover the noise. But do not know that not only can not listen to beautiful music, for their English listening will continue to cause a certain negative effect, at this point, the generation of active noise reduction headphones becomes critical. But to deal with this type of machine and equipment, we will always bring suspicion, worrying that they are paying an IQ tax. That than not to come together to study it!

Can effectively reduce external noise cell phone headset is called active noise cancellation headset, based on the structure design key into two categories, namely noise reduction and passive noise reduction two ways. In passive active noise cancellation headphones cost less, is the simplest to complete a noise reduction technology, it is more common in daily life, such as and the human ear closely coupled in-ear headphones, there will be a human ear cover the headset ... But whether it is in-ear headphones or head-worn, the headphone cover is the main element that jeopardizes its ability to work with passive noise reduction.

The basic principle of noise reduction in passive active noise cancellation headphones is simple and straightforward, mainly based on the physics of blocking or using the unique structure of cell phone headphones to absorb and block noise as much as possible. Also due to this, in the raw material application level will select the high density of the blocking raw materials, so the ear opportunity is slightly thicker, long-term wearing will cause some harm to the comfort. And its limitations are relatively large, in the passive active noise cancellation headset key to deal with high frequency noise pollution, for 800Hz below and its lower frequency band of noise pollution, such as to achieve the best idealization of the actual effect will have to invest higher costs, while the internal structure of cell phone headset noise reduction raw materials will also be heavier, thus losing the practical significance of the application.

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