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Huanong Brothers: It's getting colder and colder, make a warm nest for the puppy


Hi everyone! It's getting really cold now.Our puppies, their kennel...Look!Everywhere, they sleep everywhere at night.Ah! They're don't have a fixed kennel.I'll make them a small, make them a kennel,make them a warmer kennel.Puppies! Go 'way, go 'way!It's a blanket that I've used before.I'll give, give them all.I've used it for like seven or eight years.Um! It's still in a rather good condition.Look! The blanket,it's so large. I can just leave it right here.It's really warm here.Puppies!Puppies! Puppies, puppies, puppies, come here!Big dogs, you, you don't need, you don't need a kennel. You're that big now.Eh! Sleep here!Sleep here!Sleeping here is really comfortable.The wind is blocked.Isn't it good?Look! They like the kennel so much.C'mon! Go to the kennel!Lie down here and sleep!Everybody sleep here!Eh! When they've stuffed their stomach, they just fight if they have nothing better to do.

Look! Right? You like the kennel so much.Look! So, then,all seven puppies will be sleeping here, tonight.There shouldn't be any problems. Come with me!Come, come, come, come, come! O~kay, okay, okay!Don't fight!Why are you so fierce?Look! The kennel is done.This puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy!It's so nice, this puppy.Heyo! Why did you beat me, why did you bite me?Look! It's so naughty.It wants to bite me.It bites me.Do you still dare?Do you?C'mon! You dare to bite me?You just can't bite me.Naughty!Sleep here tonight! Got it?Don't be so fierce. Who, who's groaning?No groaning!Isn't it you?Look! Look at this one!It was kicked on the nose, by a big dog.The hair came off here.See if you still dare.You're that tiny, that tiny, but you still,dare to provoke the big dogs.Do you still dare?Look! The mouth, the teeth are already coming out.They're great eaters, all of them,and are so fat now.They've eaten us a whole, whole, whole can of dog food.Brownie! Are you a brown puppy? Hum?Ay! Can't you just go inside?It's so much fun here, isn't it?One more. Come here!Come here, puppy!It's not coming.Leave it alone.

It will have nowhere to sleep tonight.So they're all here.Ayo! What a sharp, sharp teeth!You bite me!You all stay here!Um! Ah! The kennel is so warm.Alright! The video ends here.

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