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The cause of acne and acne on your face


Hi everyone, I ’m Tammy. Today I ’m sharing the formation of acne and acne.Many friends have asked me how to solve my acne and acne problems, but many people haven't really understood what acne and acne come from.So many times I ca n’t formulate a countermeasure to the problem. Many times I just hear what others say is good and buy it.So today I want to share briefly how acne and acne are formed.

In fact, many people have discussed it on the Internet, but at the same time, there are many wrong statements and most of them are complicated. I hope my explanation can make you understand easily.Let's talk about acne. In short, too much sebum and horny will form acne.After the formation of acne, there will be different types.One is closed acne. Sometimes we see small bumps and no way to squeeze out. This is closed acne.They are covered by our horny so they cannot be squeezed out.The other is open acne.Relatively closed acne open acne is open and not covered by anything, so we can squeeze it out or stick it out with a black head sticker.Of course, do n’t pull our skin randomly. As I just mentioned, blackheads are actually divided into blackheads and whiteheads.I believe everyone is familiar, they are basically the same thing.Only the top of the blackhead becomes black due to contact with the outside world. The above is the formation and classification of acne. It should not be too difficult.Then it comes to acne. In fact, acne is the inflamed version of acne.When our acne is stimulated, such as dietary habits, climate drugs, etc., inflammation will occur and acne will appear.Many times we can see that they have pus.In addition, if the skin is stimulated by some bacteria, it can easily cause deep inflammation and form cystic acne.This is what we call stone sores. This acne is usually not pussy.Of course there are more than two types of acne, but these are the two most common.

The above is the principle of the formation of acne and acne. Next time I will share the solution of acne and acne.In fact, as long as you understand the solution mentioned above, it is easy to think of.You can also think about their solutions after watching this clip. I hope you leave a message below and share your thoughts with me.

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