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And brewed coffee cup Gcobani business


My name is coco I'm from found a stack of Pakistan founder I saw a big opportunity ofbringing good coffee to the township people give you are using trains who are travelling around on a junction taxi drivers they really need coffeeenergy transfer keep them away.

So I saw that will be coming off bringing good coffee and that's what I'm doingsaid it is working fine nice were trained by syra which were using lava pins Italian we're trained to be a barista and bartender after a while I went toCamilla coffee which I love making coffee it was in familiar roasting coffee or only when I went to the CEO in the coming green ten brown when they are hoesdrop a ten year no two brown these thugs start to crack and yeah yeah studied from loving it from there after camelia.

I went to a kids place which I also might be interesting it was culture club cheese it was also nice I could experience of learning more about cheese bacteria's kind of milkalso steam that I had this love of coffee that I want to do it myself one day and that's when I started around September which was twenty fifteenthen I went on my own younger junction since September twenty fifteen the business has grown a lot I'm looking to expand more in the townshipcases like younger ten minutes. 

So that I can also open trouble with unity for the unemployed youth the moment you are now herebeauty am I so hopeful students and local businesses around it we also do event would be the biggest one with HD and it was so great j something after his performance he went for my flat white was impressed continued which was hand roastedin the township your call your birthday wise helped my business in such a big way off I accept everything except checks speed points. 

I believe their point expensive to have them on your phone which you can carry it anywhere just need to have a day time yeah it was much it could work much more similar to what I do this kind of business yeah I was going to instead since thenas I was doing was eating industry I just took those two off loving seventeen and doing what you love making coffee that's what kept me going that's what that's why I kick off my mind my blankets and in the morning because I know that I'll be doing something that I enjoyed looking for someone having those eight hours you have to work so yeah yeah.

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