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Nourishing and nourishing stewed stone dog male fish soup


Where can I find fish in Hong Kong waters?I caught a thin fish, how to deal with it fastest and clean enough?Let ’s use it to cook a bowl of fish soup to nourish and enhance the beauty.Huaishan Gooseberry Fig Peel Stewed Stone Dog SoupSeasonal Soup.After fishing, I still need to cook soup.Ingredients for 2 servings: Huaishan: 18 grams of wolfberries: 4 grams of figs: 32 grams of 30-year-old peel: 4 grams of stone dog: 4 pieces, about 5 pairsGoji / Medlar: 4 gGoji / Medlar: 4 g,suitable for majority of the people. It is suitable for patients with liver and kidney yin deficiency, cancer, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, chronic hepatitis, and fatty liver; those with excessive eyes and the elderly are more suitable.Efficacy and role: eyesight, improve body immunity, lower three heights, and promote gastrointestinal motility.Source: https://kknews.cc/health/yrqovb.html.Huaishan: 18g.Huaishan: 18g.Huaishan has the effects of reducing blood sugar, promoting wound healing, delaying aging, enhancing immune function, and regulating gastrointestinal function..Efficacy and role: The effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing the lungs and promoting body fluids, nourishing the kidney, astringent essence, and nourishing the vital energy.

Source: https://kknews.cc/zh-hk/health/enorvm4.htmlFigs: 32gFigs: 32gEfficacy and role: Liyan swelling, blood fat reduction, laxative, weight loss, anti-aging, anti-cancerSource: https://zi.media/@yidianzixun/post/zezYN530-year tangerine peel: 4 g30-year tangerine peel: 4 g.It is used for chest and abdomen fullness, embolism, dampness, abdominal distention, diarrhea, and sputum cough. It is also used for spleen deficiency diet, indigestion and nausea and vomiting.Efficacy and effects: Cough and phlegm elimination, gastrointestinal health, effects on the cardiovascular system, effects on the respiratory system, anti-inflammatory effectsSource: https://kknews.cc/zh-hk/health/enrlkny.htmlList of materials Huaishan: 18 grams of wolfberry: 4 grams of figs: 32 grams of 30-year-old peel: 4 grams of stone dog: 4 pieces, about 5-6Prepare the materials first.Protagonist: Shi Gou.Other soups.Use scissors to move the fish from the gill to the tail.After flushing, you canit takes about 5 minutes to process 4 fish.Fry both sides of the fish with ginger and a small amount.Drop the fish after the oil is hot.Fry for about 3 minutes on each sideFry another sideNo, ginger. After frying, add all the ingredients to an electric saucepan and place approximately 800 ml of room temperature water.Approximately 2 hours.After half an hour ...after an hour.....After two hours ...Finished goods.The fish is still intact, no bones fall in the soup.Huaishan Gooseberry Fig Peel Stewed Stone Dog SoupThe simple, easy, and nourishing fish stew is complete!

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