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The man rescued a nest of milking cats in the sewer.


The man rescued a nest of milking cats in the sewer. After taking them home for a week to feed, the cats turned out to be. . .I found 4 kittens in the sewer, all of them mud. This is what I found for a long time. It was so bad. There has been rain in Shanghai in recent days. There is no way to continue to be finished in the sewer ~I took a hot bath and dried it. Now I took out the thread inside the mouse, and then washed the goat's milk powder to feed the kitten. There is no syringe ~.Each one was fed a little, just after wiping the pp to stimulate peeing. I bought a pacifier on the Internet and a milk powder for newborn cats. They should all be here tomorrow in Shanghai. They went to bed and got up early to feed.

If the cat is twice as big, I promise to feed it, mainly because it does n’t suck, and it ’s feeding slowly little by little.Just fed two, the youngest, the more difficult to feed ~.Each one was fed with 3 ml, except for the flow out, there should be 2 ml when fed, and the remaining 5 ml was evenly divided ~.Named it, in order of Xiong Da, Xiong Er, Xiao Hei, Xiao Hua ~.After urinating, I will be breastfeeding. Xiaohua is too naughty, so lively ~.The thief is tired, the thief is tired, after feeding, he urinates, cleans his eyes and farts with normal saline, and puts on new clothes to make a nest, all fall asleep, the picture below is before feeding, sleep early , Feed early tomorrow ~.The electric blanket arrived, and it was used at night. The baby bottle is expected to arrive tomorrow! .

Create a new nest, the electric blanket is at the bottom, then a layer of clothing, the top is not wet, dug a few vents, the cat wipe it with a hot towel, blow dry and put it in Xinwo, all on the stomach and legs It's your own stool. You can open the electric blanket to 35 degrees.Thankfully, the youngest eye was opened, and milk feeding was also active ~.It ’s time to start breastfeeding again.Xiaohua dilute, buy this first feed, go to the pharmacy at 6 pm to buy some mommy love to feed, and wait for the professional medicine tomorrow ~.Xiaohua, you have to be stronger. You have bought urine and used it, and fed it. Hope not to dilute it. The medicine will come tomorrow. Feed your mommy at night.

Finally, it's done. Mommy loves feeding with the milk. It's pretty good. The electric blanket is 35 ° C ~.I haven't always liked small animals, but since raising these kittens, I have also fallen in love with cats. The compulsory class every day is to play with it and talk to it.The ideal life is to have a cat, a baby, and grow up happily together. Reference source.

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