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If you see floating empty content, please follow these steps to deal with

If you see floating empty content, please follow these steps to deal with

You are outside, having a good, sunny dayand, when you go back inside your dark house,you start seeing black spots and your visiongets blurry.Has this ever happened to you?

These spots are called eye floaters.Do you know what they are?Eye floaters are those small dots or spotsthat drift aimless in your field of vision.Even though they are annoying, most of thetime they are not something to worry about.But what causes eye floaters?When we are born, and up to our youth, thevitreous humor has a jelly like consistency.But, as we get older, the vitreous start todissolve and create an aqueous center.So, some gel particles, with irregular forms,fibrous, light or dark, may end up floatingon the watery center of the vitreous humor.And that's what causes these spots in oursight.

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Besides that, these particles seem to neverkeep still when you try to focus on them.The blurry vision is related to the lack ofclarity, which results in the incapacity ofseeing fine details.This is a common and frequent problem in oursociety because of many eye problems, causedby the use of smartphones, computers, andtablets, for example.One of the symptoms of blurry vision is dizziness,and also frequent headaches.Among the causes of blurry vision, we havemigraines, stress, anxiety, and other causes,including cerebrovascular accident (CVA, orstroke).Besides that, some medicines may also causea temporary blurred vision as a side-effect.Blurry vision can appear since birth, or happenas we get older.If you notice your vision is getting blurry,in a gradual and progressive way, talk toan ophthalmologist.The doctor will ask for tests to detect thecauses of this problem, including some diseasesthat may cause blurry vision, as myopia, hyperopia,astigmatism, presbyopia, cataract, glaucoma,and diabetes.But, if you only have eye floaters, rest assuredthat they are harmless.

Many will disappear with time, and will becomeless inconvenient.In most of cases, a treatment is not necessary.However, if they persist and become too muchof a hassle, it's better to look of an ophthalmologist.

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