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Goddess Cen Lixiang is still so thin after six months of pregnancy


Most pregnant women! The goddess Cen Lixiang is still so thin at 6 months of pregnancy! Looking down, the perimeter boomed up. Netizens praised: Liangliang new mommy ~

Former TVB Hua Dan Xiangxiang Princess Cen Lixiang announced last year that she successfully created a man with financial talented husband Joshua (Qiangqiang), so that she is 6 months pregnant now! .Since she became pregnant, Princess Xiangxiang has rarely appeared and focused on raising her baby.On this day, she seldom took photos of the deep career line on social networks. Many people felt that Xiangxiang Princess hadn't gotten wrong after reading it, but she was super-sounding! .In the photo, she wore a pink-purple low-cut skirt, showing off her career line, and super seductive! She has been 6 months, she is still slender, and rare incense is rarely a big welfare. Many netizens immediately leave a message and like it. Even the friends in the circle, Cai Sibei and Chen Wei, commented that Xiangxiang was super hot! .

Cen Lixiang's husband Qiangqiang was originally engaged in high-paying financial work in Vancouver. In order to accommodate his wife Xiangxiang's acting career, he decided to settle in Hong Kong. Such a caring husband, Xiangxiang really married to someone! .

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