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Here comes Santa!Funny parent-child short play Prepare food Toys out of the box


Oh no.(Oh no)(I need some peace)I dreamt that Christmas is coming.Christmas is coming soon indeed!Get ready! Get ready! Make it fast!Faster, faster, faster!It is ready.(So cute)The tree is ready!Our Christmas tree looks so beautiful!-It is beautiful.-It is beautiful and huge.TrainElectrical train(Way to go! Way to go!)(Cool!)The train is setting off!Alright, go!It switched track.It switched when it reached there.It is derailed.Let's open it!What snack is it?(Overjoyed)It is jelly candy.(Delicious)This is a jelly candy too.I hope Santa Claus will like it.This smells good.-I want to have a bite.-This smells really good.I want to have it.(I want to have it!)This is for Santa Claus.I will take some for Santa Claus.

Santa Claus likes sweet snacks.(Likes sweet stuff?)Dinosaur jelly candy.These are for Santa Claus.It is ready.We will wait for Santa Claus here.Goodnight.Goodnight.I feel dizzy.Why are they sleeping here?I don't want to bediscovered this time.There are some cookies.I see they have something for me too.(Chuckling)But how do I get there?(Having cookies)(Going crazy)(Luckily they are not awakened)Go that way.Oh no.(Oh no)(I need some peace)I will leave after giving presents.Oh, the presents!I found you, Santa Claus!Why am I discovered again?We are about to open the presents!This is my bag.(Cool!)(Excited!)(Dancing happily)Jonnes's Christmas presents!This is a huge one.(Dumbfounded)This is an accessories kit.It is my favourite Mermaid!MermaidPony Polly figure!-It is cute.-This is so beautiful.

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