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Sales talk thinking|These five typical business models, used well


Some people say that many goods are market-oriented design, goods only deal with distress to have a market, society only distress innovation products to deal with the problem of homogenization, with distress innovation product innovation, to create a customer screaming goods, that is, explosive, and then sell it, payment gateways for woocommerceaccording to the screaming point extended to other products market, this seems to have some truth, nowadays operating good goods there are five kinds of typical business model, use a good, the company's performance will not be bad!

A, make money by commodity model

This type of way to make money, these three capabilities appear especially critical, 1, marketing ability must be good, 2, innovation ability must be good, 3, the supply chain management level must be good, these three capabilities less one, want to earn money is not easy, because the goods are good, but you will not sell is also in vain, in this era never say how advanced your technology, because the rate of your technological innovation, always keep up with the rate of competitors The rate of cottage industry.

Second, the service-oriented business model

This way is by culture, by norms, by cnc machining rapid prototypingtalent training, by system high, you will these points key mastered, standing in the world, earning money is simple.

Third, the solution-based approach

This way is to standardize internal collaboration, external collaboration, technology precipitation and talent building

Fourth, the platform type

This model is similar to the left and right sides are people, we build a platform in the middle to let the two sides of the people to buy and sell between each other, this way the platform must have a certain amount of traffic, equivalent to the introduction of fish into the fishing pond, attract people to fishing, fishing to the fish and take the fish to the platform to sell, so the sale is generated, when there are many s19 pro 110tpeople understand that there is this platform, the platform will continue to enhance the goods, to attract more people to buy and sell The platform will continue to improve the goods and attract more people to buy and sell.

V. Ecology

This way is to form a multilateral trading, in the vicinity of the relevant people can participate in the business, this way of business not only has the necessary ability of the platform type way, but also must have credit leadership and core resources, these two points at the same time, this way to healthy development.