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Spicy Fried Rice Cake [Manshi Slow]


Hello, welcome to Amanda Tastes.Today, I'll teach you make a simple dish, Korean spicy rice cake.I know some of you might complain that,why I always make such simple dishes?But I really like this.So I think I should share this with you guys.Although it's simple. There's still some tips in it.First, cut the onions.Cut off the root and cut into slices.Cut the fish tofu into triangle.You can use fish balls or crab sticks instead.Any fish-flavored food is ok.And then.Cut the spring onions.Turn on the heat, put a pot on it.

Pour in the water.About a big bowl of water.Then put the rice cake.The rice cake must soak in the water.Then put in the fish tofu.Onions.Add two spoons of Korean chili sauce.Stir it.Although it's called fried rice cake. Actually we use water to cook it.No frying.Then put in the fish sauce.This is my tips.The traditional Korean spicy rice cake use dried sardineSo that the soup will be full of seafood flavor.But I know you guys are lazy.Use fish sauce will be easier.Add sugar.Sometimes I use honey.Cook it.Until the rice cake become soft.You have a taste and add something then.Salt, sugar, fish sauce. Depends on you.Cook the soup, until the soup is thick and can stick on the rice cake.It's done.Turn off the heat.Sprinkle some sesame oil.Prepared spring onions.And some white sesame seed.Mix properly, and you can eat it.I don't know whether you have the same feeling as mine,When watching Korean TV soaps, the food looks really delicious!And the protagonists are keen on eating spicy rice cake.Perhaps the spicy rice cake is a popular snack in Korea.Anyway, the handsome guysAll eat fried rice cake in the Korean TV soaps.I like this dish too. It's simple.

It's spicy and appetizing.It contains staple food. Onions can be considered as vegetables.Fish tofu can be meat diet.So vegetables and meatCombines together. It's a simple dish.Remember to Like and Subscribe my channel.Scan the QR code and follow my WeChat.I'll put all the recipes on my WeChat.And answer some questions.Thanks for watching. See you next week.

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