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Pregnant mother Tang Yan takes selfies at Christmas


The pregnant mother Tang Yan was still taking a selfie and wearing a sweet smile for Christmas.Editor's reminder: For those who need Chinese subtitles, please click the lower right corner to open the subtitles.Please click the icon in the lower right corner to subscribe, thank you for your like, and welcome your comments!On the evening of December 25, Tang Yan took a selfie on Weibo, accompanied by a picture of a Christmas tree.In the photo, Tang Yan wore long hair, painted light makeup, fair-skinned red lips, and looked at the camera with a sweet smile while wearing glasses. Tang Yan was not only in a good mood, looked good, but still full of girlishness.

After this beauty photo was exposed, netizens watched and commented: "The beautiful sister is finally here, I miss you!Merry Christmas! ""Super looking forward to the birth of the sugar baby!""take care of yourself!!

Molasses is always there! ".It is reported that, since Tang Yan announced her pregnancy in September, she has rarely appeared in the public's eyes, and she is safe to raise her baby at home.

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