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The old man took two steamed buns for lunch on the street, and finally a touching scene happened!


Go in. I will pay for you.Hi, I’m Dashujun's friend, Joke.When an old man eating bread only on the street, what will people do?Have a seat!Thank you.I’ll get you some water.You can sit inside for a while.No, thanks. My clothes are too dirty.Please sit!Have a glass of water!Thank you!You are welcome.Thank you.Uncle, let me get some water for you.Thank you, boy.Give me the bottle, I'll get some water.Thank you.Do you want to go inside?

Hi.Do you want to come in? There are empty seats inside.No, thanks. This is fine, Thank you. I mean it.Let me get you some more food. You can eat here.Thank you.You can eat here.No, thanks. My clothes are too dirty.Don't worry.You can sit by the door, or you can sit here. I'll get you a stool.OK. Thank you.Sit here, please.Thank you.Sit here, please.Uncle, have some water!Thank you.Today is so hot, drink more water.Did you have a meal?No, just this.Would you like some noodles later?I'm used to eating this.Let's have some noodles.Go in. I will pay for you.It's fine. Thank you!I'll pay for you, you can go inside.Thank you. I'm used to eating this.Go in. I will pay for you.Thank you.You're welcome. Come in!Thank you.You're welcome.We can sit there.Eat this. I'll order a Four-Joy Meatballs for you.No, thanks.Can you finish the noodles? Have some Four-Joy Meatballs, take your time.If you can't finish them, pack them out.(The man settled the bill for the old man.)Go eat!Thank you.You're welcome.This is a buffet, eat as much as you want.I'll get you some other food.That's OK.If these are not enough for you, let me know.

Thank you.You are about the same age as my father.I'll do whatever I can to help you.Please eat.Eat more meat.Thank you.Kindness is always with us.Excuse me, let me explain. We were shooting a positive video.Thank you very much. I'll transfer the money to you.That's fine.Uncle, this is not about the filming.Why don't you come here and have some dinner?I'm full. Thank you. The soup is hot, my heart is even warmer.Thank you.We all have old people in our family.My parents are about his age.Forget it, I'm about to cry.Thank you.

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