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Taiwan's first underwear that can absorb menstrual blood?


Everyone is different.Everyone's menstrual period is different.Some have heavy flow some have light flow.Some flow is thick some flow is runny.Sometimes it comes for just 1 day.Sometimes it comes for 7 days.Sometimes it seems to be comingand then not coming.Um, is it about to come?Oh not yet.Um, it seems to be about to come.Well, still not....

Oh! Now it's coming!!!!!(Heavy metal music)It's coming!It's coming!It's coming!It's coming~~~~Therefore,You need underwear that can suck your blood.MOOND panties!High-tech functional fiber with moisture wicking and fast drying.Catch your first drop of blood perfectly.(baseball game broadcast)Incoming…Incoming…Ouch....It’s gonna be a difficult play…and...The catch is made!!! (exclamation)BLOODY~ MOOND panties! (#`皿 ́)/Functional fabrics are made in Taiwan.The inner layer is designed to dissipate moisture.The outer layer is designed to stop leaking.What a contradiction!!!

Moisture out VS Blood in(wow~~~~)BLOODY~ MOOND panties! (#`皿 ́)/You can use it with a pad for very heavy flow.Even if it’s nudged or rides up,it will not leak beyond the edge!This is because there is an exclusive patented structure to stop it.(WOW~Unbelievable!)BLOODY~ MOOND panties! (#`皿 ́)/Whether you're traveling,exercising,working,or even dealing with the apocalypse.No stickiness, no leaking, it's so easy~BLOODY~ MOOND panties~♪Lacy style for daytime use.Designed for your usual activities.Relaxed style for nighttime use.More absorbent, wider design for sleeping.MOOND panties will cut your period waste in half!From now on,forget the frustration.Ready to get turned on to...(beep)MOOND panties! (#`皿 ́)/BLOODY MOOND panties! (#`皿 ́)/MOOND panties! (#`皿 ́)/BLOODY MOOND panties! (#`皿 ́)/Cool!

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