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Six sauces for family


Ginger and dark soya sauce dipping saucefor steamed chicken, roasted meats and braised dishes.Add onions, thinly sliced ginger into a bowl.Add salt and white pepper and mix evenly.Heat wok, add salad oil, heat until about 150℃, add oil into the onion and ginger, stir evenly.Five spice dipping sauceMust-learn all use sauce for meats and seafoods.

Mix Red chill paste ,Garlic ,Spring onion ,Coriander paste,add Tomato sauce ,Dark thick soy sauce ,Black vinegar ,Fine sugar ,Sesame oil and mix well1:1 is the best tasting ratio for sugar and vinegar.Ginger and vinegar dipping sauceTangy and refreshing for shellfish and seafood.Mix the ginger paste, white vinegar and fine sugar well, then add salt, mix evenly and serve.Add a little bit of salt, enhances the tangy and sweet flavour garlic and dark thick soy dipping sauce.Mix Dark thick soy sauce,Minced garlic,Fine sugar ,Chopped green onion ,Sesame oil ,Cold water ,Licorice powder evenly.Garlic fragrance dipping sauceA must for steamed dumplings, pot sticklers, and turnip cakesMix soy sauce white vinegar and fine sugar evenly.Use a blender to mix the garlic cloves and cold water to form a garlic pasteFilter and add to sauceFilter garlic juice from the garlic paste, it keeps the garlic taste without the spiciness,add sesame oil and mix evenly.

Miso Chilli pasteBest served with chicken roll, prawn rolls, and other fried food.Add Soy sauce ,Fine miso ,Chili sauce ,Tomato sauce ,Fine sugar ,Water into a wok and bring to a boil using medium/low heat,mix the rice flour and water well then add in the mixture.Make a thickening paste using rice flour, creates a non-sticky and smooth texture.Switch off the fire and drizzle sesame oil.

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