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Marrying an 11-year-old foreign director, doing IVF 9 times and still not pregnant, still beautiful in her 50s

Marrying an 11-year-old foreign director, doing IVF 9 times and still not pregnant, still beautiful in her 50s

Married 11-year-old foreign director, did IVF 9 times and still not pregnant, still beautiful in her 50sMost of the actresses in the entertainment industry are Ruyilangjun who is marrying, so that they can fade out and enjoy the life of the magnificent giants. Like the TVB head Huadan Lizi, who married the disabled businessman Mating Qiang in 2008, retired from the entertainment industry.In order to seek a child, Li Zi made many test tubes. Fortunately, she finally succeeded. In 2010, she gave birth to twin daughters.There is also the famous actress Zhang Ting.Because she suffers from infertility, it is very difficult to have children, and IVF is a painful road, but Zhang Ting still did not give up. She once said that when she was eighth, she really wanted to give up. But her husband Lin Ruiyang said to her: When he leaves one day in the future, Zhang Ting himself will be left uneasy.Carina Lau was an early Dink. Just knowing that you play, you don't think about making things.

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However, after concluding with Liang Chaowei, she also wanted to have children. Because a childless marriage is hardly long-lasting.But now it's too old to reproduce, it's really regrettable.Today, I want to introduce Junjun Mei. At the age of 51, she has been married for 21 years and has never had a child. She is called a Dink. She said "absolutely not." Junjun Mei has done 9 IVF operations from 37 to 42 years old. Regrets have failed.I believe everyone is very familiar with Junjun Mei, and at the age of 16, he played a role in Huang Shuqin's "Long Live Youth" film.Since then, he has participated in 16 films.In 1986, she played "Embroidery" in Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci's Oscar-winning film "The Last Emperor", becoming the first Asian actor to be nominated for the Best Supporting Actress in an Italian Film Awards. Go to international cinema.In the TV series "My First Half of Life" which was hit some time ago, Wu Jun, played by Junjun Mei, Miss Wu is also innumerable.

With a successful career, her family life is also extremely happy. On December 18, 1996, she and her husband Oscar registered for marriage in Las Vegas, USA.Afterwards, the two flew to Shanghai to host Chinese weddings and wedding banquets, and wished them all the best.

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