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Association | humor [S1]

Association | humor [S1]

Oh morning sunshine.Fuck off Campbell.You locked me up once.I let you go.I'm not responsible for your mistakes.You gotta catch the ball,you catch the ball & than you run.It's simple fucking math man.We're like pieces of meat.We're like dogsWe can like take him by surprise.Yeah,I got handcuffs.We're like really big dogs.You mean like actual handcuffs or the ones you get with your Halloween costume from walgreens.Nope,actual handcuffs.We got ideas, we got such great ideas.We do?Shut up.We could have ideas.I'll read him his rights & make sure everything is legit.

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Dude no one gives a shit about thatLaw & Order man, You don't read the bad guys rights he gets away like every time.There is no more legal system Jason, We're living in some sorta fucking black holeI really don't think the Miranda rights warning is gonna--I'm just trying to make sure that everything is legit so we're not screwingGUYS! HEY! HEY!Look just say thank you.All in favor, please raise your hand.Well did Harry help you make the Lemon bars?Harry?He never leaves his room.I can give you the recipe if you want.This is delicious.I don't think that we can do this if it's not anonymous.This is Lemon.We're not that desperate there is still lemon juice in the food stores.Dewey is not back there.Are you sure?Uh, No?What the fuck are you talking about?What do you mean there is a lot of people back there.Can we keep him in a bathroom?Wait, did you guys seriously not think about where we are gonna keep him?No Luke, I've never held anyone prisoner before.When Ice meets hot oil it creates steam.Which forces the oil in the container to implode.I can't eat it shit head.That's not a very nice way to talk to someone who brought you breakfest in bed.Turkey goes boom.So there's 19 of us so 4 to a room.What if I starve myself? What are you D-bags gonna do about it than?Oh shit I don't know.What are we gonna do than?Probably not do anything, Right?Nope, Probably not.Hey what if we just leave him in the car & roll down the windows a little?

Dude he's not your mom's maltipooIt's crazy right? Like all those years in school & never been to your house.Now I live here.Isn't that nuts?What part of Lactose & tolerant don't you understand?Is that a real fucking thing?I think it is.So what happens if he eats it?I don't know maybe shits a lot or farts.I really miss that dog.Grizzy come on buddy, don't go to bed angry.

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