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The two large buns are too tempting. The purslane filling is too fragrant.


I am the Fragrance of Earth.This is the horse laver soaked and basked in the summer.Use it to make the steamed stuffed buns. I'll cut it firstChop the Vermicelli into piece.Burn the handPut the scallion.Put some salt.Put some light soy sauce.Put some soy sauce.This is the pork oil.Stir it.Fermented flour.

The flour is overly fermented and it is a little sour.Neutralize it with some alkali.The flour is overly fermented for a long thime and it is a little sour.I'm going to put some alkali flour on it and knead.Neutralize the sourHey, improving your life again.I fill the firewood on the ground pot and let you have fun in eating the steamed stuffed bunsAfter you make the fire, you shout me.Let's go. I have put them into the pot, so, why I shout to you?I fill the firewood myself.Oh, dear, so big.If you make the steamed stuffed buns a little bit smaller.It's so big. I think I steamed it small enough.Gee, this pot of steamed stuffed buns are so big, oh.Mom, what kind of steamed stuffed bun? Vegetarian buns. I want to eat the meat buns.Is there the meat steamed stuffed bun? No. I don't eat any.Yourself. These are meat steamed stuffed bun, honey.These are not the meat steamed stuffed buns.

These are not the meat steamed stuffed buns. But you don't like the Vegetarian buns.Oh, they are broken owing to stick the pot.The bun is ready. Now let them have the meal hurriedly.I have smelled the delicious flavor.That's all for today's video.If you like my video, please continue to pay attention to the Fragrance of Earth, thank you.Ma Hongmei just won't eat it. I won't eat it.Go for eating or it will get cold, for a while.

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