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Chili oil - add chili oil


In my family, there is always a can of chili oil in our kitchen cabinets.It makes our dishes more delicious,Opened our appetite.I really like the taste of this oil,We can add it to the sauce,Stir fry,Barbecue,soup,noodles,Baked dumplings.I tell you how to make my chili oil.Depending on your taste, use 50 grams of bell pepper or chili.Cut the pepper into small pieces.Break them.If you break pepper seeds,You will get a more spicy oil.My favorite thing is to break the chili and not the paprika.Chili oil will be more appetizing.To make the oil more fragrant, grind a piece of ginger.Pick up 1 teaspoon.Chop 2 garlic cloves.Put 250 ml of oil in the pan,Open fire.When oil is hot, about 130 ° CPut in: ginger,And garlic.Stir often.

When garlic and ginger start to change color, add 3 grams of peppercorns.Stir occasionally until the garlic begins to turn yellow.Turn off the fire.

Pour the oil into the chili bowl,Put fried ginger, garlic and peppercorns in a colander.mixing.Let it cool.Put it in a jar.I use it all the time without worrying about the shelf life.Its aroma and taste remain intact.Thank you for watching and sharing my recipe. Goodbye!

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