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66-year-old Liu Yanxiong adds another daughter as she wishes


Gambie gives birth to a third child prematurely, 66-year-old Liu Yixiong adds another daughter as she wishes.The 66-year-old former chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese real estate company, Liu Xioxiong, is really an ordinary person. Due to kidney failure, he was at risk for life, and his family was allocated. Unexpectedly, he recovered miraculously and became a father again. .

After Liu had undergone a kidney replacement operation the previous year, he lost weight for a while, but now he has gradually recovered in shape and condition. In September last year, his wife Gambie announced that she was pregnant for the third time. Liu's physical condition is not a big deal, clearing outside doubts about Liu's health.Originally, Gambie's due date was mid-month, but recently she suddenly felt abdominal pain at home. Da Liu immediately sent him to hospital for examination, and found that the fetus acted prematurely. The doctor gave her a C-section.

Although they were born prematurely, both women B weighed about 7 pounds, and they were fat and chubby. They were like Dad and Da Liu. Since this was the first BB after the marriage, Da Liu and Gambi were very excited. Gambi The eldest daughter Xiu Hua and Wu Zhongxue knew that adding a younger sister to the family was also very happy. Both days, they went to the hospital with their father to visit their mother and sister.As soon as Gambi's daughter was born, a good friend's gift was delivered in real time, and Gambi, who was in hospital, thanked him in real time, and seemed to be in good spirits."Thank you so much my dear friend Joyce Ho."Her friend sent two boxes of BB shirts and pillows, which contained very warm wool knits, coats, hats, etc., as well as a lovely round neck BB skirt, from children's clothing BeBe Tigre. Of course, all of them were Gambie. Love penguin pattern.She also received a new Perfecting powder cream from Valmont, thank you.Chaozhou men generally prefer men to women, but it is reported that Da Liu is the opposite, but hates having daughters, because he loves to coquettish his father, so when he knows that Gambi is the daughter, he is very happy.Before Da Liu had allocated his property to his wife and children in advance, now the family has added another new member, and the property distribution may be changed.

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