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Is it necessary for my baby to supplement dha?


Is it necessary for my baby to supplement dha?Is it necessary for my baby to supplement dha ?.Is it necessary to supplement DHA for babies? This is necessary because DHA is one of the essential fatty acids in the human body and it has a greater impact on human vision formation, brain activity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, immune function and senile dementia.

If your baby lacks DHA, it can cause a series of symptoms, such as stunted growth, infertility, abnormal skin scales, mental retardation and weakened immunity.However, what is the role of DHA supplementation?

1. Optimize your baby's brain ...DHA is the main component of nerve-transmitting cells. Most of the DHA will not be digested by gastric juice, but directly enter the blood, and will be absorbed by organs such as the liver or brain.During the fetal period, DHA can optimize the composition of phospholipids in fetal brain pyramidal cells, which has an important impact on fetal brain development.

2. Promote baby's retina growth. DHA plays an important role in the maturation of retinal photoreceptors.If DHA is deficient, it will lead to abnormal development of the retina, resulting in slow response, mental retardation, amblyopia, and blindness.

3.Inhibit inflammation and reduce blood fat, prevent cardiovascular disease.DHA can inhibit the formation of inflammatory precursors, so it has an anti-inflammatory effect; it can also reduce triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, prevent the formation of thrombus, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.In summary, supplementing DHA to a baby is necessary, because supplementing DHA to a baby can not only promote the intellectual development of the baby's brain, but also have certain benefits for the development of the baby's vision, and can also inhibit various cardiovascular diseases.

However, mothers should pay attention to not supplementing the baby with DHA blindly. For too young babies, supplement it from breast milk, so that pregnant women can eat more foods rich in DHA. When the baby waits for about 6 months, it can Let your baby eat more DHA-rich seafood to supplement, and try to avoid eating DHA-containing nutrition products.

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