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The main body of the brick house in Sichuan's hometown of Wang Gang has been completed.


We're gonna hang the house beam up.It's one of our hometown's customs.Do we need to put coins on this?Yup.Place 6 coins on each side,right?Yes,12 coins in total.Oh.There's no Veadar(an intercalary month in the lunar calendar) this year,otherwise we'll put 13 coins on the beam.Okay.Now, the workers are gonna worship the heaven and earth-Another folk custom, I suppose.It's an essential step for building a house.Most of the Sichuan people do this because of the tradition.

'There's a long golden string that brings people gold. ''If we twine it, it'll bring us posterity.''Let's twine it together so our kids will make us proud.''A lush tree, '(Hurray)'is chopped and made into a beam.'(Hurray)'And life goes well under this roof.'(Hurray)'Brings the owner wealth and health.'(Hurray)'Get prosperous in both family and wealth.'(Hurray)Fine,let's pull it up.Don't panic.Take it slow.Move it back a little.Almost there.Okay, that's it.This area is set to be a kitchen.And here's the well.The stove will be set right here.Here's the living room.The living room is quite spacious tho.That's the bedroom.We're gonna set off some firecrackers now.They just finished hanging the beam up.After setting off firecrackers, we'll place woods on the roofso we can set the tiles on it.These are all the workers who helps building our house.Σ(°Д°;It seems like it's going to rain.Nowadays, you really need to get ahead no matter what you're doing.My seedlings died before getting transplanted.

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