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Braised pickle, braised cheese, egg, steamed rice


I love Kimchi!Looks so delicious!It smells good...Time to cook steamed egg~Put the salted shrimpIt's boiling~Put the cheddar cheese on the top of the steamed egg!We might need more eggs, right?Yay...This is the traditional Korean dish! Braised Kimchi with pork belly!Hi guys,Today's menu I prepared isKorean braised Kimchi!It includes fermented cabbage Kimchi with pork belly!Here I prepared 2 fried eggs and dried seaweed!That is the steamed cheese egg I cooked!It went down...Anyway, here is steamed rice!(wanna eat quickly...)Now,Let's eat~Today's drink is sparkling water(grape flavor)(Sniffing)Close your eyes.. there is a beach in front of you~The pork belly is really soft!It's so tasty...Mixing the cheese well!It's so delicious!!!!!Wrap the pork belly in the Kimchi!Well done!Kimchi and pork belly is really juicy!See my eyes... It shows how am I serious...

This is the delicious one bite!Looks so tastyI love Korean food so much...Look at the cheese in the steamed eggIt's more delicious when eating with hands (I washed my hands)(I wiped my mouth)(It's really delicious)I can't stop eating riceI'm concentrating on eating...I... I need more steamed rice....I'm so excited...(I don't curse)(Satisfying)I'm so happy when I fully fill my mouth with food!It's a bit spicy since I put a lot of peppers.(The way of eating more delicious)The dried seaweed blanket for you...The pork belly brings much joy...Pork belly is so moist! I also can feel the taste of Kimchi!Nice pork belly!(You must put the pork belly when you cook the braised Kimchi!) It's so tasty!The steamed cheese egg makes the braised Kimchi more delicious!(I want a big one)The last pork belly!I ate it once again the next day after putting more pork.Did you think I finish eating?It's so hard to stop eating itSo guys,today I ate the braised Kimchi and pork bellywith the steamed cheese egg and fried eggs!Eating braised Kimchi with rice and eggsAlso, the soup of braised Kimchi was really nice!This is a really traditional Korean cuisine!I really hope you try it someday!I highly recommend this dish to you if you wanna try Korean home-cooked meal! (easy to cook)So,I enjoyed today's meal.

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