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Married into a rich family for up to 15 years without fertility, but failed three times artificial insemination


 Married into a wealthy family for 15 years without childbearing and failed three artificial fertilizations, but the husband's family likes her more and more?In other words, a woman is married to a man. If she does not have a man and a woman, then the woman's marriage may be a bit dangerous, and the woman's status in this family will be shaky.Just like "Zhen Huan Biography" :. There is no good life with the queen.As we all know, since the 100 billion daughter-in-law Xu Ziqi married the wealthy Li family at the age of 24, it was a nonstop childbirth. In eight years, she gave birth to four children for the Li family, giving a prize of 100 million. Not to mention luxury homes and yachts, family status is now unbreakable , Have to serve, have to say she is the big winner in life! .However, there are exceptions to everything. With one of hers, marrying a wealthy family without having a child is just as good.She is the former ex-girlfriend who Zheng Jiaying once loved, and married to the wealthy merchant Li Jiahui Wang Xinping because he was too poor.

After Wang Xinping married Li Jiahui, he got an unlimited bank black card, and one card traveled all over the world.Although Wang Xinping has been married to a wealthy man for many years, he is now 47 years old, and has not given birth to a man and a woman for the Li family.However, the in-laws didn't mind it.Wang Xinping and two Polaroid singers Zhou Huimin and Tang Baoru gathered together.From this we can see that Mrs. Kuo Wangping's daily life is unpleasant. Although she has no children when she marries into a wealthy family, that is also happiness.According to media reports, the two couples have always wanted to have their own children, but after three artificial pregnancy, they ended in failure.There is no alternative but to give up or let them go.Wang Xinping and her husband also admitted that they did not have a blessing to own their children.Even if there are ten thousand household wealth, they can't reach one child.Although Wang Xinping said that the wealthy had not given birth to a man and a half woman, that day was a happy and happy life, and the husband and wife were loving.I don't know who has the problem? Want to help his husband Li Jiahui? .

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