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Velo money offshore bank accounts the colorful small dollars without bank charges into the gold method, Google pay, paxful


Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel,Today I will teach you how to remit a small amount of dollars to a velo bank card abroad.The method I introduce to you today is to pay through GoogleThere is also a combination of these two tools,Can smoothly convert the RMB you have into US dollars,And send it to your velo bank account,And the entire operation is very short,It can be done in one working day,Much better than the transferwise experience,If done properly, even zero loss,It can be done without a penny fee,I made a video about how to open a US Huamei Bank account at home.

These videos have received a lot of attention from everyone here,Thank you all in advance,There are many friends who have applied for velo US bank accounts,There may not be a demand for large amounts of funds in the short term,Or just want to temporarily remit dozens or hundreds of dollars to experience this account in the past,Apply for a physical card,If you go to the bank's wire transfer at this time,Is very, very cost-effective,First, the first electricity bill should be around 200 ~ 300 RMB.

And there is a risk that it will be rejected.Earlier I introduced a method for transferring money through transferweise.But transferwise recharge does not support domestic cards.So I thought of a curve to save the country,Is to recharge transferwise through global payment,Then remit this funds to your velo Huamei Bank account in the United States,But because Global Pay is a virtual prepaid card,Many friends who operate this way,Their accounts have been blocked,There is no way to continue charging,So the current method of transferring small amounts of dollars to your velo card through transferwiseIt is not recommended for everyone to use at the moment.In order to solve the problem of small US dollar remittances,I have recently developed a new method,What is this new method?

If you want to know, please continue to watch my video,My channel is mainly about the handling of overseas fund accounts.The flow of domestic and overseas funds and some methods of personal finance,If everyone is interested in the above content,Welcome to subscribe to my channel.And turn on the little bell next to it,In this case, you will be notified of my video update as soon as possible.Okay, let ’s officially start today ’s operation demonstration.

Now first step 1 teach you how to pass paxfulConvert the money in WeChat or Alipay into US dollars,Then we choose to buy Bitcoin.If we pay, we suggest everyone to choose WeChat payment.If you do n’t know how to use this website for trading,Welcome to click the video link at the top of the screen to watch,We can now see a bid he paid on WeChat, firstFirst, let ’s look at the dollar on the right is 0.96.And then there is a 3.79%,What does this mean?

That means you pay $ 1 now and you get $ 0.96 bitcoin,In other words, if you trade here,You want to lose 3.79%.The words of this market now,Actually, there has been a rise in that,If I bought it before,WeChat paid it a premium of only 0.98,You pay one yuan to get one bitcoin of 0.98 yuan,But now we see that we only get 0.96,He has the price and that has gone up.We go here and click directly to buy,For example, if you want to buy 1,000 yuan,Then you can see here you get so much bitcoin,Then you value in fact you get a total of 962 yuan worth of BitcoinThere is a certain lossIf you look here, the transaction time is 30 minutes.

Then here are some instructions from the buyer,If we have confirmed it, we can just go and buy it immediately.After we took photos here,Then his bitcoin word has entered a state of hosting this system,Then wait a moment,The seller will put one of his payment codes,Is the code sent by WeChatWe can just go and scan the payment,If we are here, we will not make an actual payment.Cancel it directly.After you buy that bitcoin,You can see in your Bitcoin wallet how many Bitcoins you have used now,In this way, you can convert the money in your Alipay or WeChat into a bitcoin,Now proceed to step 2 and sell Bitcoin to USDLet's click here to sell Bitcoin.Our payment method, although it says that it provides 322 kinds of payment methods,However, the timeliness and the risks of different payment methods are different.

A popular payment method on it,First a bank transfer Western Union,Are not suitable for depositing money into an account of velo,Other friends asked,Then paypal can be smoothly bound to an account of velo,It is also smooth to withdraw cash,However, we do not recommend that you use paypal to collect money.why?Because the risk of a paypal payment is very, very large,Even if your Bitcoin purchase was successful,Then the buyer gave you the money.But in general, your money cannot be used immediately.Because paypal will have a protection policy for buyers,After the money arrives in the account, it cannot be transferred or reflected immediately.

Have to wait for 2 ~ 3 working days,During this period, the seller is likely to withdraw this money,Here it is recommended that you go to pay with Google,Maybe most of my friends do n’t know what Google Pay is.Including me, I did n’t know about this paxful, I did n’t know what Google PayGoogle Pay is simple,It is a payment service launched by Google,Those who may use Android phones may know this,But Apple's friends may not know,Google Pay not only supports Android but also Apple,It has an independent APP,Just go and download an app like Google Pay.If you are a domestic Android, if there is no Google framework,It should not be downloaded,If you have an Apple phone, you can download it in the US.

After Google pays, it takes about two minutes to registerAfter completing the registration, you can go to the collection smoothly,In the following, I will take two minutes to teach you how to sign up for Google Pay.The registration process is very, very simple,It takes about two minutes to complete.First of all, everyone downloads the Google Pay app,Then add a debit card to the main interface.You can directly enter the information of a debit card of your velo bank here,The following words are required to fill in an address in the United States,If you have an address, if everyone has that transfer warehouse,Just fill in this address,If there is no address of the transshipment warehouse,It does n’t matter if you just fill in one,He won't verify this.

Okay, let ’s say I just fill in an address,Fill in a 6215, and then choose one from her pre-selected address below.After writing, you can successfully add one of your debit cards along the way.Then you can use it to collect payments,Okay, here ’s how to do it with everyone,We are here to choose Google Pay.OK, now that we have chosen Google Pay,You can see one of the bids below,First of all, there are 49.88% of these suggestions here. 

Don't take advantage of this.This is most likely a liar, butThere is 19.9% ​​belowIt is also not recommended for everyone.Because there is such a big difference,There is no guarantee that the other party is not a liar,Although the payment made by Google is also reversible,But because it arrives very quickly,It will be available on the day,And if Google said, he did n’t say to review your card. You have 2 to 3 days.If you receive this money,It can be reflected immediately,After you withdraw the cash, it is usually available on this working day.So its risk is much smaller than paypal,Everyone can take a risk tolerance that they can accept,To choose the corresponding premium to make a purchase.

OK, for example, we can choose 0.91% for a sale here.He is acceptable from $ 10 to $ 250.We choose 10 knives here, and then the payment is 9.91 to this bitcoin,In fact, we made a little bit of it, and made 1%.Then she happened to pay a fee of 1%.In fact, if you are here, it is just a transaction that does not make money.If I am here, I will not operate because the Bitcoin balance should be insufficient.Let me show you one of my last transactions.In the last transaction, I paid with GoogleIf you pay, it's $ 190.Then I bought a bitcoin of $ 187, the price is relatively low,OK, then the same is the seller we just saw,He said send me your email,Then I will send you my amount,Then you can release this bitcoin,Then I sent him one of my mailboxes,Then he is fast,Maybe I look at the time spent on my side,It took 49 points and then at 58 points,In 9 minutes, the payment has been remindedAfter the payment is completed,Let ’s go to Google Pay to see the money I received,Is this deal is this deal,If he left a time on it, the time on it was 6:49 pm,I do n’t know which time zone he is,But I actually traded around 2am.

Then when I got up in the morning of the next day, it was about 10:00 to 11:00,Then my velo account has already received this money,So with such a method,It is very convenient to transfer your funds from Alipay WeChat and then transfer them to Bitcoin,Then sold on Bitcoin,Then pay through Google to your account,It can be done on the working day of the dayIf it costs, if you choose a buyer that Google pays a higher premium,You can do it without any fees.

There is even a small profit,Finally, let me remind you that it is risky to buy and sell Bitcoin on it.If everyone is just holding one purpose to transfer fundsThen everyone must choose a trading object with relatively low risk.How to judge this risk?First of all, everyone must understandWhat is the registration time of a buyer or seller across from you?The account risk is relatively large if you just test it.Try not to trade with them,You have to see how many transactions he has made,How many transactions have been made in total?

If only two transactions were made,It is also relatively risky.In the third case, you have to look at an amount of each transaction,If every word is very small,It ’s 100,200 yuan. There is a certain risk in a transaction.The fourth word is that everyone must check his credibilityIn other words, the buyer or seller you are facing,How many people he trusts,How many people banned him,If we pass such a judgment,Can help you avoid most of the risks,The above is a new method I introduce to youThis method can be very convenient,You can transfer RMB to one of your velo accounts on the same day,You can get these dozens of dollars to apply for a physical card, you can go to keep your account,If everyone has a large amount of funds,I still recommend that you go through the wire transfer.If you still have questions about your velo account,Welcome to a video linked at the top of the screen,In this video,I have responded in detail to the 50 questions most concerned about velo accounts.

That ’s all for this video.If you feel that the content of my video is helpful to you,Please help me like it below, and subscribe to the channels you follow,If you do n’t want to miss any updates to my video content,Welcome to the little bell next to it,Then you will be notified of my video update,See you next time, bye.

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