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Save money to open an account?Choose the six high interest big Banks


There are many channels for U.S. investment and wealth managementstockBondBitcoinreal estateIn fact, you may not even realize that the existence of money in the bank is also an investmentNegative but risk-freeLet's take a look today at how much interest each of the top banks in deposit interest ranks.First look at the 360 ​​below the first capital financial company in the United StatesBefore mentioning the interest, let me mention the nearest big wool of his house is to open this savings accountAnd deposited at least $ 50,000He will reward five hundred dollarsWhen the application ends at the end of this month on July 31To use this promo code.

But the following small print remindsIf you opened a savings account other than his time deposit after January 1, 2016You will not get this rewardAnother requirement is that the 50,000 US dollars must be transferred from another bank within ten days of opening the account.And the account must not be less than 50,000 per day for the first 90 daysIn this way, you can get 500 yuan in another 60 days.Interest rateThis account has more than 10,000 deposits.

There is a 2% interest rate without monthly feesSo deposit fifty thousand and five hundredIn fact, it is equivalent to a return of 2% in less than half a year.Here is American ExpressHis family not only issues a lot of woolly credit cardsAlso doing personal savings businessAnd the interest is not lowYes 2 1%Same as 360He does n’t charge monthly feesBut there is no minimum deposit requirementLook again.

The next bank discovers his savings accountInterest rate is 2.1%Spike JP Morgan ChaseCiti and Bank of AmericaBesidesNo minimum deposit required to open an account in his homeEven if you do n’t let it go, this account has no monthly feeHis family recently opened a savings accountAnd woolThe deadline is August 5thThe specific requirement is after the account is openedUntil August 19, you can get $ 150 when you deposit 15,000You can get two hundred dollars when you deposit twenty-five thousand dollars.

Need to be remindedWhen opening an account online, you need to enter this six-character wool identification codeThere are small prints below to remind that this reward is only for new customersIf you have opened a savings account at another house beforeEven if this wool is turned off, it is not availableIf you meet the deposit requirements before August 19thEarn rewards before September 2ndof courseSame as all bank account opening rewardsThis is subject to taxLet's take a look at Barclays Bank.

The second largest bank in the UK after HSBCThe interest rate of his savings account is 21%Same as previous onesHe does n’t charge monthly feesThere is also no minimum deposit requirementNext is Goldman SachsThe legendary Wall Street boss is naturally safe in his houseHis home rate is 2.15Here, he also showed no mercy to Chase.CitiWells Fargo and Bank of America humiliated almost at zero interest ratesGoldman Sachs also has no monthly feeThere is also no minimum deposit limitFinally, HSBC is the largest bank in the UK with the highest interest rate.2.3%However, the requirements for opening an online account at his home are more demanding.

There are specificAt least 18 years oldSocial Security2. Have a current address in the U.S. and the last three years3. Have a driver ’s license and other documents and a personal passport or green cardThe British are notoriously rigidSo do n’t mind too muchThere is no monthly fee for his family in other aspects.But a little perverted isThe minimum deposit for opening an account in his home is one dollarFinally, use this table to summarize the savings accounts of the six major banks.Please refer to the text description below the video for the account opening linkYo yo yo

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