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Corn Flatbread


Hello everyone, I'm Xiao Gao Jie.Today I will share a simple and easy flatbread recipe.Room temperature water,sugar,yeast,oil,flour,and corn flour.Make it into a ball. Stop kneading when you don't see any dry flour.This is a medium slightly soft dough.Cover it and ferment for one hour at room temperature.An hour later, you see the dough has doubled in size.At this time, you can make the flatbread.Or put it into the refrigerator.It can stay in the refrigerator up to two days.

Cook it whenever you feel like.My dough stayed in the refrigerator over night.Take a small piece.Take few pieces of small dough that you want to eat for a meal,and put the rest back in the refrigerator.Round it.Apply a little oil on both sides to prevent sticking.The recipe I give to you can make 7-8 flatbreads.Ferment for half an hour at room temperature.This step is to warm up, relax the dough, and final proof.After half an hour, the size of dough has grown.Now you can bake them in the oven.It will be no-knead corn bread.If you make flatbread, you can let it stay at room temperature even longer.It doesn’t matter if you roll it into irregular shapes. It won't affect the taste.Heat the pan first and put the bread on.Medium low heat.When the bottom is slightly cooked, and you see lots of small bubbles, turn it over.Move around and let it heat evenly.

When you see bubbles again, turn it over one more time.Very soon bigger bubbles will come out.At this time, water evaporates.The flatbread is ready.The flatbread is cooked for a total of 1.5 minutes.Wrapped the bread in cloth and cover it with a lid.Not only can it keep warm, the residual heat and water vapour soften the bread.Yeast is used in the recipe.As a result, there are many small bubbles in the bread, which makes it very soft to eat.And you can also taste the sweetness from the corn flour.Make it for breakfast or dinner.Keep the dough in the fridge, and you can cook it anytime you want.Thank you for watching. I'm Xiao Gao Jie. See you next time ^^

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