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ETF funds to invest in the most basic three question 2019: what cost!Risk!Make money effect!


helloHello everyonemeet againToday our theme is etfEtf funds are now known all over the worldvery goodBut if you choose the wrong one,Not only can't take advantage of etfMay cost you extraIt's like you want to buy a FerrariI bought toyota and went out.I'll praise you for saving fuelToday I will tell you how to do it rightChoose etfLet it play low-cost, low-risk, high-yieldvalueMaybe watch my video 10-20 todayMinutes will be your best 2019investmentCan help you reduce many risksearn a lot of moneyHello everyoneI'm MinanaI hope here through my channelProvide everyone with convenience, time and effortInvestment and financial management methods.

Thank you for following my channel2019 is definitely on the Chinese marketetf explosive yearSo far it has been listed on the marketetf scale is already 2018Five timesEveryone is grabbing etfFund managerAlso grabbingThat investor is also grabbingSo if you do n’t understand yet,etfIf you haven't bought etf yetYou are embarrassed to say that you are an investorListed on August 16, 19Technology etf rose 18% in almost three weeksMilitary etf listed on August 26Also rose in just two weeksNearly 16%.

We also saw these just listedetf are very profitableWe can't hit new sharesCan't buy etfReduced difficulty many timesSo pay attention to the etf coming soonfundMay help you make pocket moneyCatch this hot spotetf will get hotterNow is the time to study hardetf is absolutely indispensable to usproductFor ordinary managed funds and etfSpeakingWhich is right for youI have boughtBecause I have very good fund managers to help meMake moneyWant to know who my favorite fund manager isI'll tell you next timeLet's talk about etf todaySo remember to subscribeToday ’s video we will talk aboutLow cost of first etfBut do you know how to be able toReally reduce costsSecond etf can spread risk.

But what configuration can reduce it?Systemic and non-systemic risksthirdThat's how by buying etf realmade moneyOk take a good look at my videoGive me a likeThank youThe first issue is its costWe often see etf fundsETF Linked Fundetf join is divided into acTheir fees are differentAccording to your own styleAccording to your own habitsChoose the right fund typeCan really reduce costsNow let's see how they differLet's take a look at the etf fund tradingCost comparisonThen the one we usually see isIn the secondary marketThe broker that opened your stock accountBuy etf over there.

This purchase is the same as you buy the stockYou have to give it to the broker when you buy and sellSome purchase costsOther than thatThere will also be hosting fee management fees andSales service feeNo sales if you buy from the secondary marketService feeAll the costs add up to about0.2 to 0.6%This is also based on how often you buy and selldetermineUsually we start with e.g. Alipay orWhat Jingdong bought here isetf connection fundetf linked funds are not essentiallyetf fundBut it's an ETF fundIn other words, etf joins are trackedCorresponding etf fundIt also has two charging methodsIs divided into A and CA is the front-end chargeWhen you buy etf connectionI'll pay some of the fees first.Which is now 0.12%It does n’t depend on the number of days you hold it.sameIf your holding period is very shortLess than seven daysThere will be a penalty of 1.5%Charges.

If you are older than 365 daysThe money for this part is goneIt also has hosting fees and management feesSo if your holding is less than one yearThe total cost is about 1.1% per yearetf connection C refers to buying and sellingWill not charge you extraBut a sales service feeThis part of the cost is evenly spread to youDaysIn other words, if you hold for more than seven daysTen daysActually your share isvery fewWhich is 0.9 ÷ 365Multiply by the number of days you holdSo if you choose to buyetf join wordsIf you hold for more than one yearThen you can choose to connect A ifYou hold it for less than a yearThen select etf join C isMore reasonableSo now you know what to chooseetf typedIn fact, the most important reason we chose etfI think it is used to spread riskWe invest in two broad categories of riskSystemic riskNon-systemic riskSystem risk is plain.

RiskyWar riotsSuch as the global economy or the entire domesticThe market's economy is in recessionSystemic riskUnder systemic riskYou are hard to go by picking stocksRisk aversionLike this thing in Hong Kong nowIt ’s hard to choose from Hong Kong stocksOutstanding stockCan rise at this stageRise against the trendAll stocks will fallSo this is systemic riskBy buying stocksNo matter how many stocks you buyIt's impossible to avoid this riskWhat are we going to doWe are going to allocateAvoid systemic risksWhat asset classes are includedStock bondCash Commodity Foreign ExchangeThat etf can help you solve allThe problemDiversify your investment in asset managementCan reduce your systemic riskSo if you want to avoid the risks of Hong KongCan invest in the MainlandJapan, Germany, and the United StatesIf you want to circumvent the fall in the stock marketriskYou can go invest it in bondsInvest in goldInvest in other goodsSo depending on where you areChoose the right one according to your timeAsset classIs the wise choiceThe second type of risk is non-systemic riskThere are two sources of non-systemic riskThe first is the risk of a single companySuch as executives being arrestedFor example, the company went bankrupt.

For example, the company is in a scandal.For example, the company ranThis is a non-systemic risk for the companyThere is another industryNon-systemic riskUnsystematic risks in the industryIt means that the entire industryNo one is travelingPossible travel agency system of this kindThe risk comes outHow to avoid this non-systematic riskFor risk aversionWe can choose the entire industryetf fundETFs that circumvent the entire industryWe can equip with wide-finger etffundOk understandRisk is overLet's talk about the point nowMake money like thisI found that there areA very obvious featureThat is rotationFor example, in the first half of the year, A50 large-cap stocksThen becomes CSI 300Then it will rotate to this small capIf you understand this rotation effectYou can choose a certain timeInvestment varietiesRotation is more obvious in the same industryLike 18 to early 19Consumer stocksRose particularly wellA few days ago, military brokerages did not rise particularly well.We also follow the exact rhythm.

Choose the appropriate etfCan make you eat this wave of meatDrink this jug of wineAlso more interesting to usMedical technology etfAre opportunities we can exploreThere are two main principles for choosing etfrememberThese are two very important principles.The first principle is to choose large-scale flowsGood etf fundLarge scale and good flowMeans there is not much difference between the bid and ask pricesWhat will happen if the liquidity is not good?You can buy tens of thousands of dollarscou went upYou want to sell but not sellBecause no one took the orderSo you have to sell at a reduced priceSo this brings usAdditional costDo not buy etf with poor liquidityThe second liquidity is goodScaleThere are several types of the same stockSuch as CSI 300There are several products on the market nowCSI 300 Tracking IndexHow to chooseRemember to buy a high discountWhat is the discount rateThe discount rate actually meansHow valuable the fund isHigher discount rateState its price relative to its fundThe lower the net worthSo buy funds with a high discount rate somedayIt will return in valueThen you will go to the discount rateSo these two are based on scale andfluidityOne look at one is to see the fund's net worthAre very important choicesFunds must pay attentionOk today i will give everyone from the big directionIntroduced etf fund from cost to riskIn terms of making moneyHow do we chooseExactly what is really goodetf fundIf you are interestedPlease leave a messageSay which industry or which one do you want to knowDirection etfLet's talk more specificallyOK today ’s share is hereIf you like it, if you feel right for youClick to useHurry up and give me a thumbs upLeave a message youtube will knowMy video is okThen it will be promoted to othersthank you allIt's not easy for me to bring childrenAnd then shoot video for everyoneeasilyAnd make-up and editorSo give me a likeRemember bye

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