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Dad hard everyday | family cook healthy low-carbon lunch together


[Images during travels][Flights Experience][Introducing 3C smart appliances]Actually I....[Introducing 3C smart appliances]My darling, what you want to do today?We are going to cook our lunch.To cook our lunch.Right, now we are ready to cook our lunch.What is the purpose of cooking lunch today?Today's purpose to cook lunch is to clean the things inside the fridge.If you answer like that, everyone will change to other channel!No, they don't!Why they will change?!These ingredients are....the main ingredients everyone saw.The main thing is only we have to use up all these ingredients to cook our 2 adults-and-2 children-lunch.Hmm....just about 4 dishes.

Wait a minute, can you help me to get all the beers out from the fridge?We don't have beers in the fridge!You have to buy yourself later.Because I think....Since it's the purpose of cleaning our fridge, isn't it?We have the purpose to clean our fridge today,But the fact is there's no more beers inside the fridge.Basically, today our lunch mainly.....does not contain any carbohydrates.It's meaning low-carbon (x2)Yes, we take low-carbon as the point.

But we also provide some carbohydrate foods for children.And for Daddy and me, we will skip through the carbohydrates.And.....what is the first dish?For the first dish, let's introduce the most important one.We will cook......Italian Vegetable Soup.I will place the picture at here.Why you want to place the picture here?What happen if I don't have a picture?I will put....[Add some stress to you.]Michelin-class Italian Vegetable soup over here.Yes, this is my second time to cook the Italian Vegetable Soup.I had posted my Italian Vegetable Soup's recipe in the Instagram.And for this time the most important thing is to follow my Instagram.I will put it at here.Do you get ready all the ingredients for your first dish?The first dish.....wait a minute, sister, come here!You have to note down the ingredients that have to buy later.Later we will provide a task to this girl.[Actually was doing hard work.]She will help us to buy all those ingredients in the supermarket.Italian Vegetable Soup, the first thing in mind will be....vegetable, isn't it?So the ingredients are carrot.Carrots, it's because we still has half of it,and I felt it's still enough, so we don't need to buy again.Another thing we need is Onions.

Now she is....If you like this, everyone will know my ugly handwriting!Never mind,[Sorry, teacher.]It's not so beautiful.Never mind.The soup also must have Celery.Celery.Yes.The celery is over here, right?Yes.We must use Western celery.Why?Large celery.Because it's Italian Vegetable Soup!Nobody use Taiwan's celery in Italian Vegetable Soup.So it must be Western celery.Abalone mushroom.Hmm.Normally Italian Vegetable Soup used potatoes,but we have to decrease the rate of carbohydrates.So I will replace Abalone mushroom instead of potatoes.I will also get some minced meat.And some noodles for the children.Wow!And I also need to buy some 'tomatoes'.Tomatoes.Got to write down tomatoes.Many things to buy! How can they buy them all?!No! Only 3 things here.Abalone mushroom,onion,Tomatoes.My brain suddenly feel....Sister, help me to write down beer.Ok?

[Who cares you?]Oh, you cannot buy it. People under 18 years old cannot drink beer.Later you buy yourself.I buy it myself.Tomato....So for the first dish, we don't have....onion,abalone mushroom,and tomatoes.Hahaha...my daughter wrote "many".This is written by her, "many". I don't know what's happening.The second dish.The second dish....I use broccoli.....fried with bacon.[I'm pork.]There's not much things to buy for this dish.I think this cannot called bacon, it's pork.Oh, yes. Pork (x2)[Don't change my name on your own.]Do you know what will happen if bacon change to a man?The look of bacon change to man...black-skin man.No, it will go to WackyBoys.[I don't have grey finger nails.]Hahaha....Since the meat we don't have much,so I decide to buy chicken drumsticks.Chicken drumsticks.Do you know what is chicken drumsticks?I don't know.It means later I want to cook some small chicken drumsticks.And lastly add some Shichimi onto it, it will be more delicious.Ok.So later you have to buy 2 packs of chicken drumsticks.Sister, you already grown bigger,do you still don't know how to write (Very good).and you wrote Phonetic symbols, is that true?Is it amazing!?

Next, I want to fry another basic dish....that is...tofu with eggs.So you have to buy 2 packets of egg tofu.2 packets of egg tofu! Can we finish it?Never mind. Because it's not enough for 1 packet.Ok, since we can eat again next time.Yes.The next one is the last one, right?The compulsory ingredient is....egg.Egg.Right.It's because when you fry the egg tofu,it's better that you add an egg into it to prevent the tofu sticks on the pan.So usually I will buy some eggs.With the egg tofu.I will mix them before fry it.So we have to buy eggs.Yes.What a creative choice made by this girl, she will put brackets behind every single ingredients to buy.It's meaning is you will put a tick after you take it, right?Yes.Oh, ok.This is the list they wanted to buy. Many things here!Onion,abalone mushroom,Tomatoes,"Duo-duo" (cultured drink),chicken drumstick,egg tofu,one box of egg,yogurt,and fruits.Ok, now I give you 2 minutes to ask me questions.Do you have something you didn't know?Me!!Is the "very good" means chicken wing?"Very good" is something like a kind of chicken wing, with something above it.....

They are crossing the road with holding their hands.Isn't their relationship seems good?![Our relationship's good (Usually)]Today I planned to stalk with them.To see what they will buy.Actually we are just same as other families.It's because we don't show to you our children's wrangle.It's not good to see, isn't it?But seriously Yoyo and Tiana....will wrangle each other.Sometimes they might fight together.All children will do this!So some of my friends will say....Wow! Your children will fight together like this at normal times,so actually it's just like what you think.But I also felt very happy.Because until now, their relationship is still good.No matter Yoyo or Tiana,they have their own bedroom now.And sometimes Yoyo will go to Tiana's bedroom to sleep.It's meaning they sleep together.Because both they will have partners together.Tiana will also feel boring without Yoyo.I mean since they wrangle each other,but they still wanted together.I think most of the parents has the same feeling as me.It's very good to have 2 children.Although sometimes I will get annoyed when they wrangle.Very heavy!I want to buy cultured drinks.I think I choose this cultured drinks.I want to buy this.[Only choose what he likes to eat.]I want to eat milk steamed roll.No.Tofu.Should I take a look to the price?It costs NT$68.NT$72and this one....I think I buy this one, costs NT$59.[Economic boy.]You buy NT$72 egg.No, I think we buy the egg with NT$59.To the cashier.We are back. Let's see what they bought.Ok, let me take them out.This is Laurel's Hibiscus Tofu.They bought themselves.Egg tofu.What is this?They bought themselves again!There's too many things you add-on!Add-on....The add-on things are more than the groceries to buy!It's because this strawberry cake is delicious!And this is wax apple.Yoyo's favorite.Yes.Onion.

Then, chicken drumstick. You only buy 1 pack?!Yes.If it's like that it might finish all.This one is very large! We will finish it in a long time.This is abalone mushroom.Why I feel their add-on things....are more than the groceries I want to buy.Blueberry.Yogurt.Cultured drinks.Your drinks can be as many as Daddy's beer.Now we are ready to cook our lunch! All in all.Right.I had done half way when you went to the market.And I also don't talked inside the supermarket.Is that true? They choose themselves?!Yes, they choose themselves.Very good.Now we have to do the dish that takes longer time.The thing that took a longer time....is that same as your relationship with your husband?[Just trying don't hear that.]It's because some things take a longer time, so we.....What is this? For the first dish.This one is used for our chicken drumsticks.

Normally this one children can do themselves.Because it doesn't need any techniques.Just put all the things inside it, that's all.Very inconvenience.The arrangement she is doing is called "boom" arrangement.Hehehe....Or called sun arrangement.Because there's a hole at the middle.We have to add the sauces onto it.So that it has much fragrance.So usually I will put some garlics onto it.And because the sauce may be absorbed into the chicken, so we will add....Next, for the second dish, we will cook the Italian Vegetable Soup....Because it takes a longer time,so we have to fry the pork first.Firstly, fry it until the colour changed.Ok. What is the technique of frying this?No. Just fry it until cooked.Do you miss your husband when frying this?No.I mean do you miss your husband at all times.Now the only thing I cares is to fry it quickly.And I want to eat lunch immediately, I had already hungry.We are ready to cook the soup.So now we have to put all the ingredients in.The most important thing: onions.The onions can increase the taste of the soup.Carrots....all add in.Tomatoes.Abalone mushroom.The replacement of potatoes.Then, wait until the soup reduces,I will add the pork into it.Ah!!!My celery.No wonder I feels something's not in.

Forget this and forget that.Hahaha....I remember everything immediately.Celery! Sister helps to add the celery.Next, we have to close the lid.What do you feel when you closes the lid?I feel you have to change to a new topic.You cannot ask me the same question.After it boils, then we can do the next step.But I think you have to remember me every time.This does not relate to cooking a soup.There's many bubbles.The sea waves, at here.Isn't G E M's bubble?Do you know how to sing GEM's Bubble?No, I don't.[Really doesn't know how to sing.]Let me ask you a question, do you know who is "little GEM" in YouTube?Lyla.Right. Eh?Not bad!I felt she did like.You....(x3)Actually I don't know she's "little GEM",but before this I felt she was really looked like GEM.In YouTube, there's a "little Jay Chou".Who is that?Do you know?Now.Do I looked like "little Jay Chou"?

You will be punched by others,I tell you.Hahaha...I will be punched.Yes.I'm just have the same surname as Jay Chou. Don't misunderstanding, I'm just kidding.(x2)Because you are XinDian's Jolin Tsai, so I can be XinDian's Jay Chou!You can say you are XinDian's Jay Chou,but you cannot say you looks like Jay Chou.I don't ever said I looked like Jolin.I felt you looked like her.From your back, I saw you were same as her.Jolin Tsai will cry, I tell you.Jolin will cry.Jolin is very thin.Now Tiana is adding the pork into the soup.Now we are ready to fry broc-co-li.Do you miss me when you are frying broccoli?No.No?! Since I'm standing beside you.I cannot think about you every time,because my life still has many things to do.Haha.Can you miss Jay Chou every time?No.I don't need to miss him every time.I only miss him when I'm enjoying his songs.Haha.We have to use this pork lipid.....to fry the broccoli.

So I will fry the pork for 1 time,to let the oil come out from the pork. Then,take out the pork.Later, add garlics and broccoli to fry it.It smelled good!Right.Ultimately good!He said he wants to work at Hai Di Lao Hotpot.Eh!!!No way!! The meat will not enough!You see, your son wants to work at Hai Di Lao Hotpot.[Shaking.]Don't steal the meat again! The meat will not enough.Later you....Just one.No. (x2)Do you know what is the important thing now?Of course, it's kiss your husband.Try it to see if it's cooked or not.Just now when I wanted to eat the bacon, but you don't let me eat!Is it delicious?Very hot!Can you share some techniques and secrets of cooking cabbage?The first thing is....Sir, this is broccoli,not cabbage!Hahaha....Oh, right. Let's place it on the table.Yoyo had destroyed all the egg tofu.Yoyo's egg tofu had already "broken".

Already destroyed.Never mind. The fact is it's still delicious.Ok, Yoyo, let's place on the table.I wants to put my flower properly.Yoyo, are you writing name tags?Yes.This is Mummy's name tag.Today he does write our name on our seat.[The concept of reserved seat.]Where's my name tag?This one.He had written Daddy. You have to bracket "handsome boy" behind it, ok?No.Hold on (x3), I want to....I have idol's burden, so the lens has to be in great position.Sister, can you help me to check whether the image is good or not.Do you know, every time when Daddy starts to film, he has to do like this.No. Because,don't know what he is doing. (x2)I have idol's burden.

Today is our everyday life.And...actually we are also in everyday lifestyle when filming.When filming videos,your name tag.We had filmed about 2 years ago.Actually during filming,our children are also growing up with us.I mean from starting, we don't know how to film,is that true to say don't know how to film? How do I say?I mean actually they will do some favorite things with us.Our travels,We sleep in the airport,until this time, cooking lunch.Actually they are also growing up with us.It also can be said like this, before this they only watch videos on YouTube.After they went through this thing,they had known that working.....is very tired although that's your favorite work.When their classmates ask them,they will also say this work is very tired."So you have to think carefully.""My daddy's work takes the whole day."But I also felt happy, at least these 2 years....our whole family are doing this together.And today we are cooking a healthy....Today we are....HealtieYou just like Yoyo, you had infected by Yoyo.Yes.Today we are....."many".Hahaha....Today we are cooking a healthy lunch.Actually our lifestyle is just like this.Every Monday to Friday, on 5:00 p.m. we will upload a new video.The most important thing is to follow my Instagram!See you tomorrow, bye-bye.

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