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Craftsman.Hot Chili Sauce with Clams Recipe

Craftsman.Hot Chili Sauce with Clams Recipe

Sweet Clam Chili SauceThere are a variety of chili sauces on the market.But, the unique clam chili sauce should not have been seen.Experience the unique aftertaste of its sweet fragrance.

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Clams (Oysters) are also known as flower clams and clams.Clams are not only delicious, but they are also nutritious and affordable.It is easier to handle with commercially available clam meat.For more than 100 grams of clam meat, prepare at least 2 pounds of clams.After you buy it, let the clams spit, drain, and steam.The collected clam juice can be used for other dishes.Remove meat after cooling.Clam meat is salted for more than 4 hours, preferably overnight.Increase overall salt content to help dehydrate.After being marinated, its saltiness will be close to the saltiness of the salty small rolls.Finished product storage will be more stable.After that, squeeze it with your hands to filter out the juice and reduce the amount of water.Cut into small particles and you're ready to cook the chili sauce.This is the main point of operation, and it must be done exactly.Add cooking oil, ginger slices and minced clams to the pan,Turn on the fire and reduce the power until the oil can roll but not smoke.Fry minced meat for at least 5 minutes.When you smell the oyster, burn it for a while to minimize the water content.After that, proceed to the step of chili sauce for five minutes.Phone countdown will not overcook.Add pepper, salt and rock sugar.

Don't leave during the process. Clam meat is easy to shabu,Stir more while scraping to the bottom of the pot.Pour the cooked hot sauce into a large bowl to stop heating.The bottling details are like the five-minute chilli sauce.About Meaty Chili SauceMeat can be made into a variety of sauces.Such as beef, pork, seafood and so on.The premise is that the water content should be minimized.When storing, the oil should be completely submerged.Salt and sugar have antiseptic effect.Increase the salt and sugar content of the ingredients, if acceptable,Relatively long storage period.In the absence of preservatives, it is recommended to store in the refrigerator for three months.Yu Yun Gan is fragrant, spicy and powerful!Don't miss out on those who are spicy and old!

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