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CNC machining process content selection

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For a certain part, not all processing technology process design process is suitable for completion on the CNC machine, and often can not just as part of the process research content more suitable for CNC machining. This requires careful process data analysis of the part drawing, select those most suitable, the most need for teachers to CNC machining content and processes. In considering how to choose teaching content, should be combined with the actual management equipment of this enterprise, based on the solution of this problem, online credit card processingto overcome the key ability problems and improve the efficiency of social production, make full use of the advantages of CNC machining.

In the selection, the following order can generally be considered.

(1) should give priority to the selection of general-purpose machine tools can not process the content;

(2) should choose the processing difficulty, quality assurance is difficult to ensure the content of general-purpose machine tools as the focus of the content.

(3) general-purpose machine tools for processing technology is inefficient, workers manually operating labor relations intensity of the content, can be in the CNC machine tools still exist in a rich processing capacity when the choice.

In general, the above processing content using CNC processing, product quality, production efficiency and overall efficiency will be significantly improved. On the contrary, CNC processing should not choose the following content.

(1) long adjustment time. If the rough datum positioning processing is the first fine datumprototype manufacturing of the rough datum, special tools are required to coordinate the content ;

(2) processing parts scattered, need to be installed several times to set the origin. This time with CNC machining is very troublesome, and the effect is not obvious. General-purpose machine tools can be arranged for supplementary processing.

(3) according to some specific manufacturing enterprises based on (such as samples, etc.) processing of the profile contour. The main reason is the difficulty of obtaining information data management, easy to develop contradictions with the test theory basis, increasing the difficulty of a program for preparation.

In addition, when selecting and deciding the processing content, it is also necessary to consider the production batch, production cycle, inter-process turnover, etc. In short, to try to be reasonable, to achieve more, faster, better, save the purpose. To prevent the use of CNC machine tools downgraded to general-purpose machine tools.