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Why should the left \ 't use gatekeep literature


Have you read hochheimer yes have you read Kropotkin yes have you read Bakunin no you really can't understand these issues and tell you right back nliterature is very important to left his circles as tabby can attest but we shouldn't allow that to prevent the workers from joining our movement people who are living hand to mouthand all working upwards of fifty hours a week don't have time to read capital by Karl Marx or mutual aid by Peter Kropotkin well they might not want to in fact I for one don't find reading a particularly fun past timeespecially when reading political literature on do it because I have the ability to on to some extent feel the pressure of not knowing what's on left is sawingreading the conquest of bread open my eyes to a lot of concepts and are related to the struggle on a personal level if revolution were to happen the first thing on my mind 

Would be to ensure every wasand then housed but this certainly isn't unique to political literature most people don't need a boot to tell them this by experience alone a leftist can see the inequality in societythe only have to visit a city center and see the disparity between the homeless the workers and the owners the people need not read a thousand pages of Marx to see the impact capitalism has on the worldworkers who have lost consciousness need not know where the term came from to understand that they work harder than any billionaire that they are a part of the many being exploited by the fewthis leads me to my next point which is that the most revered political literature is often outdated annually life under capitalism now as much different to what it ever was in the nineteenth centurywe have both made it easier to live in a postcard to this world and also much harder a revolution is difficult to even farther when the international community would simply sanction any nation daring to tryinternational trade is even more essential than the other for example only fifty percent of the food consumed in the you k was it made in the you k so if we were to revolt Amar shortage of food would likely occurand if we are sanctions 

Placed on urs when we are primarily a service led nation who knows what could happen you s is also much more interventionist since the red skyand make sure to strangle the life out of any country that dares to implement a few too many social policies I mean Venezuela isn't even socialist but look at the impact the us is having theirthere is just way too many variables to base on movement on a handful of key texts predate a majority of the technology and low reliance on the international community we have todayimportant to understand the history an context of the ideology of the left but by gate keeping our knowledge and using pretentious leftist languageis a form of labour and how our hobbies have turned into ways to fever exploiters or whatever method is being used to show off your knowledge and deeper meaning behind itstock the fingers ironically incredibly bourgeois it creates a class system of leftist whereby the authors of sad literature or idolized and placed in a hierarchywhich then features 

There are people who have read the most books or can say something in a particularly pretentious and are necessary way and then right down at the bottom of the leftist hierarchy we have the people who don't understand the literaturewho haven't read the books this is exactly the sort of hierarchy that further alienates these sad individuals as leftists we're all equalwe don't suddenly become more leftist than overs because we've read Bakunin Marx and Kropotkin and they've only read Marx and Bakunin now if you look at my last video you would see that its a form of gate keepingand I still firmly stand behind the fact that the left should not accept to us as an ally and we certainly shouldn't allow them to revoke the rights of the trans communityhowever this is different we're not talking about rights we're talking about how we get the working class to mobilize and take part in our spacesby being pompous assholes who look down on people who haven't read as much literature we're hurting our movement and pushing away the very people 

Who we are trying to helplike to do sometimes like to get the endorphin rush of understanding a complex concepts and wanting to share it but we need to use accessible language to do socan't just screenshot a wall of text and say you read this this is what my four word tweet was about I mean do we even truly understand the concept or soulsif we can't explain in a way that doesn't require the reading of fourteen separate books based on a novel about an old wives tale that was about a car chasing a dog and how that is what was meant by the labour theory of volumea lot of people who were struggling just don't have time to read when we shouldn't scold them for their inability to do so if someone doesn't understand some random terminology we shouldn't give them a six book reading listit really is hard to take part in a movement when people are arguing over the most minute details of what an or ferment in some obscure book I mean debating is finebut it isn't all that helpful in making lefty circles attractive to people and we should make sure 

That it isn't just the generic middle class PS s white male who talks of revolution and does littlespreads all message as we need people from different backgrounds to help us reach those people we aren't just for those that wax lyrical about a revolution in argue for days about how Stalin was actually a care therehave no real intention to act beyond what we are supposed to help people the home was caught make a shelter out of a book and they called make a meal out of whether Bachmann as a fascistwhat we need to do is to organize agitated and art if you have time and all the ability to volunteer with a local anarchist or communist organizationthen that is a much greater method of spreading our message to those communities and as a great slime once fought have fun was doing so get to know the peopleand enjoy helping out those that need it most however I understand that not everyone can do this so for those of you that can't whether due to severe anxiety or whatever elsemaybe try to spread the cause I believe we can actually do quite a lot if we put what we preach into practice more gain a lot more support than if we were to simply give a few people a sermon about our Lord and savior Winnie the pooh and call it a dayso yeah not yet so when I tweeted about my last video and may have incurred the wrath of a few tours so hopefully this one will go over a bit betterI mean if not I'll just cry in the fetal position in the corner of my room like I usually do when people say I can't tribute to the colonization of women but yeah thanks for watchingmaybe leave a comment if you made it to the end about what you liked or what I could improve on but over the north if you want to stick around I'll see you next time where am I do a video on what we as left as can do I edeeper in to how we can organize etc but over the body

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