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Medical student shares his story after surviving C


I just thought I was young, healthy,didn't really think it could happen to meand boy, I was wrong.I remember having flu-like symptoms.Fever, chills, fatigue,generalized muscle and body achesand thinking this is probably just the flu.And once I got my flu test backand 

It came back negativeI was thinking it was probably justanother virus that I wasn't tested for.I felt terrible.I'd never felt more illfrom any sickness in my life.I've had the flu beforeand usually fever and chillslast about two or three days.But once you start reaching day 7 and day 8with an unrelenting fever,you start wrapping your head around all the thingsthat might be going wrong in your body.Looking back 

I wish I would have taken the timeto reconsider going to that extra social gathering,taking extra precautions at the airport,rethinking going to that partyjust to hang out with friends.In retrospect,I should have taken these outbreaks as warningsand really taken these guidelines more seriously.Please stay home.Staying home truly saves lives.And social distancing is just as importantfor the young as it is for the elderly.If you want to go the extra mile.

Please take the time to send an emailto your local Congress representativesabout getting more PPE in the hospitalsas we're starting to see severe shortagesduring this pandemic.But even if you just play your part and stay home,realize that you are saving livesand it's up to all of us to do our partso we can get back to where we werebefore this whole pandemic started.So thank you for taking the time to listen to meand stay safe everyone.

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