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Low-key luxury fashion, 12-ping suites create high-quality industrial modern style


Hello everyone~ I’m Sil.This time we are going to redecorate a 40m2 roomAlso, it is a room without any compartments.So we made some creative designs for the furniture and the room layout.Now, let us have a look inside!Look what’s here?It’s the wardrobe.We have to disassemble the window to bring it in.Look~.Most of our furniture have already arrivedThis time we made some different selections for our products.This carpet have appeared once in one of our previous videosThis is a pine cabinet that we boughtIt’s original color was like this oneAs long as we purchase any of these pine furniture,in order to make them fit in the overall style,we will recolor them with walnut wood paint.By the way, not only by recoloring it,you can also install different types of handles on the doors to change their styles.For example, this time I decided to use this black straight one.I want to create a modern style.If you choose that one,the golden spheres will make it more classical and retro.But if you decide to install those leather handles,it will look more hipsy.Over here, you have to place both sides in the front first,then fix them in from the back.

This plant is sooo big~This one is cute~Finally, the case is done!We made tons of effort this time,This time our challenge is to create different areas through furniture decoration and placement inside this house that has no compartments.And about the style,in order to match the male owner’s taste of industrial loft style,and the female owner’s modern exquisite preference,So~ most of the areas including walls and furniture, we decided to use industrial style textures.

But in some details,for example, the selection of decorations, paintings, and lampswe decided to place some golden, silver, or glass decorations that are more transparent into this space.So the overall atmospherewill form a more casual industrial style.But if you pay attention to the small details,it still has some exquisite elements insideIn the end, I’m satisfied with the final result!Ok! That’s the end of this video.Before we end I want to ask everyone~Which part of this project is your favorite one?And if you like this video,Don’t forget to leave a like, subscribe us and share this video to your friends.See you next time~bye bye~

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