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Is a worth 8 k TV?

Is a worth 8 k TV?

The newest eight k ultra high definition TV screens have a mind blowing thirty three million pixels those are the tiny individual points of light each with a certain color and brightness that add up to make the picture on the screen and that's four times as many pixels as its predecessor the four k screen and more pixels means a sharper more detailed image but before you run out and buy the latest upgrade you might consider whether you can even see the increased resolutionand it's very likely that you can't and before we get too far into this we should note that you'll only get the full benefits of an eight k screen if you're looking 

At eight k video most movies and TV shows weren't recorded in eight k well let's just assume for the moment that eight k video is available for your favorite type of media and everything else you need to watch it is in place like your internet connection is fast enough to deliver a case dreaming since the whole point of an eight k screen is the increase in detail one could argue that the question of whether an upgrade is worth considering ultimately boils down to your eyesight and there's a limit to how much detail the human eye can resolve beyond the limit of human perception two dots or two pixels will blur together and look like one the point at which this happens depends on the size of the dots 

And how far away they are once you reach this limit adding more details won't make the image look in a sharper your eyes visual limits are defined by its physical features when you take in a scene the lens of your eye focuses a miniature image of whatever you're looking at on to the back of your ball where is projected across an array of light detecting cells called photo receptors each one gets ayou can't thanks to Patrick Gilmore for asking and thanks to all of our patrons who voted for this question in our poll if you support us on patriotic any level you can submit questions like this and help us decide which ones we actually answerin episodes there are other things you can get to like blooper reels are even your name in the credits and that's on top of knowing that you're a big part of making psycho happen so thanks for doing that you can learn more at patria

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