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What is the balance between cold and fashionable feet?

What is the balance between cold and fashionable feet?

Just seeing the skin of the ankle for a while, the appearance looks light, or the feminine look by looking at the ankle ... Such dressing techniques are sometimes expressed in magazine terms as “feeling missing”. Nonetheless, in winter, cold protection wins, and it is no longer the case. This time, I have been looking for a fashionable idea to respond to the worries of moms who say that it is difficult at the feet of winter.

First of all, leggings are indispensable for the warmth of winter. Wear knitted leggings on the day you wear the skirt, and try to hide your bare feet until the last minute. Since the ankle can be seen, it is recommended that you feel a “feeling of pulling out” rather than wearing tights.

In fashion photography for magazines, models often wear spring clothes in the winter and shoot outdoors, so they may have their shoes warmer (cannot be used with bare feet) and work hard. Bore insoles that can be bought in shoes that can be bought at a 100-yen shop are also popular among staff with many locations.

If you don't want to cool down your lower body, I often hear that you're wearing bottoms on top of Heattech's underwear. This year, each manufacturer has a lot of bottoms made of heat-generating materials, so if you have that, you will be able to keep warmth without wearing it.

Still cold! For these moms, two types of trendy boots that are easy to balance without ankles are recommended. Wear knee-high boots that are longer than your knees from the top of your skinny pants to keep you warm and clean. A sock boot with a silhouette that integrates socks and boots is an easy place to fit any pants with tight ankles.

If you can't let go of pumps as a working mom, this year's fashionable to match socks with pumps. Because they are moms who have colds and no children, they want to enjoy the warm fashionable feet with their wisdom.