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Build a homestay and make life rich


On the hillside with a relative elevation difference of nearly a thousand meters, one after another Tibetan-style buildings are distributed among the green trees. The sunlight is projected on the hillside from the gaps in the clouds, scattered and peaceful.

This is Jiaju Town (see the picture above, courtesy of the Danba County Party Committee Propaganda Department). It is located 6 kilometers northwest of Danba County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, with an elevation of 2,000 meters. The environment is beautiful and the seasons are like spring.

53-year-old Tang Xiuying is the director of the village committee of Jiaju Village, Jiaju Town. Her Tibetan-style building is on this hillside. Various flowers, birds, fish and insects are painted on the red and white walls. There are 13 guest rooms for tourists.

Tang Xiuying's family was an early development of family tourism. In 2000, under the call and encouragement of the government, her family vacated the free rooms, arranged some decorations, and opened a hotel.


"The difficulties encountered at that time were very big." Tang Xiuying recalled the situation at that time. Some villagers have relatively conservative ideas and it is difficult to accept strangers living at home. "We and the other 30-odd neighbors just faced the incomprehension of the neighbors and villagers and started the road of entrepreneurship."

Several years later, the villagers were encouraged to see Tang Xiuying's career getting better and better, and they joined in one after another and embarked on the road to wealth. "Now everyone's mindset has changed. Many people have made money and invested in the development of homestays. They are very enthusiastic." Tang Xiuying said that their family has grown from two rooms and six beds to 13 rooms now.

"The expenses for the three children to go to college are all earned by running a homestay. Now the two children are already working and the youngest son has just graduated from medical school. The family does not have much financial pressure." Tang Xiuying said.

The development of homestays certainly benefits from the improvement of the general environment. The combination of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization policy has completely changed the mountain village. The government has invested in the improvement of transportation infrastructure. Every family has paved roads and stone roads have been laid between villages. "The villagers are now very comfortable in tourism reception. Everyone is dedicated to development and strives to live a better life." Tang Xiuying said with a smile.


Affected by the epidemic this year, income has decreased, but Tang Xiuying is confident in the future. "If you don't leave the village or leave your home, you can earn two to three hundred thousand yuan a year. Isn't it a beautiful day?" Tang Xiuying said with a smile, with happiness written on her face.

Ganzi has many mountains and is relatively poor, but it also has the advantage of rich tourism resources. Green waters and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains for making a fortune. As a result, local cadres and the masses worked together to exploit their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and embarked on the path of poverty alleviation through tourism. To eat a tourist meal, we must first change our concept. In the meantime, the demonstration effect of the leader in getting rich should not be underestimated. Through the efforts of several leaders, traditional concepts have changed, the enthusiasm of the masses for participation has increased, and the days have passed the better. We should also see that a good platform and environment created by the local party committee and government are the foundation. All parties work together to target the real problem. The industry supports the opponent, and there is a rush to get rid of poverty. The happiness of people in Jiaju Town comes at the right time.