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Summer Solstice Food and Drink|Recommendation of 4 Chinese syrups in Hong Kong

Summer Solstice Food and Drink|Recommendation of 4 Chinese syrups in Hong Kong

  The summer solstice in the twenty-four solar terms is the time when the yang is strongest, the weather is hot and the heart is easily overheated, and the summer heat will make the appetite drop. At this time, you can eat bitter foods such as bitter gourd and lotus seeds, but you should not eat too cold Cold foods, such as cold drinks, ice cream, and snow bars should not be eaten.

  Frequent entry and exit of air-conditioned rooms in summer may cause symptoms such as allergic rhinitis, cold hands and feet, and dry skin. At this time, you can eat foods such as Adenophora, Polygonatum, Lily, Almond, and Snow Fungus. "Hong Kong 01" food reporter selected 4 Chinese syrup shops, there are mung bean edge Qingxinwan syrup which is heat-removed and fire-heated, and double egg tea with lotus seed and mulberry parasite.

  [1] Main mung bean edge clear heart pill syrup

  The Chaozhou Jiulong Synthetic Sugar Water has a history of 50 years. It features various Qingxin Pill syrups, which can be freely matched, including Mung Bean Edge Qingxin Pill, Mung Bean Edge Lotus Barley Lily, Yuzhu Yiyi Qingxin Pill and so on. Qingxin Pill is three-dimensional square, transparent, more smoky and firm than taro balls. It is very refreshing with green bean or horseshoe.

  Chaozhou synthetic dessert

  Address: G/F, 9 Longgang Road, Kowloon City

  Phone: 2383 3026

  [2] Main lotus seed mulberry parasitic tea, nest egg almond cream

  Yuan Ji Dessert on Hong Kong Island is an old-fashioned Chinese syrup shop, even recommended by Cai Lan! The signature lotus seed mulberry parasitic tea and nest egg almond cream all help to nourish yin and have a moisturizing effect. Netizens most recommend the Ziyin lotus mulberry parasitic double egg tea, which tastes sweet and will not have too heavy medicinal herbs. The eggs are springy and delicious, even the inside is brown!

  Yuan Ji Dessert

  Address: G/F, 32 Main Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District

  Phone: 2548 8687

  [3] Lotus seed stew protein enough and moisturizing

  The Chinese syrup of Greenwood Dessert is the main type of fresh milk stewed protein. Many netizens said that the stewed protein is rich in milk and the stewed protein is smooth and not too sweet! If you don't want to be too monotonous, you can add ingredients such as red beans, lotus seeds and peach gum, of which peach gum is the most popular! Summer solstice should eat bitter food, lotus seed is also one of the bitter food, may wish to try lotus seed stew protein!

  [4] Lotus seed stewed milk and Hetao stewed fresh milk to moisturize the skin

  Huayuan Dessert has been recommended by the Michelin Guide for three consecutive years. The signatures are sesame stewed fresh milk and Hetao stewed fresh milk. The shape of the two stewed eggs is very special, both are stewed milk with only a little sesame paste and peach dew in the center. It turned out that the stewed milk in the top layer was removed, and the bottom layer was full of sesame paste.

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