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How can payment gateways be improved?

How can payment gateways be improved?

We've made it clear that we want our customers to have a great time in our store, from product selection, browsing, asking questions to final payment. Now it still works.

First, you must check if your payment gateway can contain any of the following errors:

inability to convey confidence

Difficult to use or confusing.

There's only one case where there's enough reason to make a change,credit card payment gateway, and even then you'll find all the bugs in your payment gateway, and it's clear your customers are leaving the store in a shocking way, not buying anything.

Action must be taken and payment gateway updated. To ensure that customers do not mistrust and that payments are safe and flawless, you must take the following steps:

payment gateway

The first home payment method. All the most commonly used payment methods must be provided with logos known to the naked eye (Visa, Mastercard...) so as not to mislead customers. When paying, you'll soon be able to see the card's logo, which makes you feel like they're themselves, and the different locations aren't bad.

SECOND_ REDIRECTION notification. If you choose a payment method that you can send directly to the page or server of the person offering that payment (such as paypal), be sure to notify the customer via a pop-up message. You should know that to complete the payment transaction you will be taken to another page outside the store, but it is safe. When you use a payment platform (such as paypal) that sends its page to your customers, this is often an extra level of trust for the customer because it's a well-known and secure payment page.

Third _ use the logo of security authorization. When you use a logo and pay for analytics through a form where customers can click on the logo, the logo must be a secure admin link with an SSL certificate. All you need to do is purchase an SSL certificate and install it in the store to ensure payment transactions for customers.