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Is your body metabolically unstable? When you gain your weight? Some tips to help you adjust your metabolism

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If you want to lose weight better and maintain a metabolic clinic normal metabolism, you need to do the following things.

First, eat four to five meals a day.

The level of metabolic capacity will be better with multiple meals a day, and the meal time will be divided. Healthy Chinese food culture is not about eating when you are hungry, or eating whatever you like. You have to eat multiple meals a day, and you need to take in all kinds of nutrients for full development. If the intake of nutrients is insufficient, the management of the body's metabolic activity process will be Susceptible to social influence, possibly leading to dysfunction of the metabolic system. Generally speaking, for people who lose fat, their diet will be continuously reduced, so it is more necessary to take a comprehensive intake of nutrients. Multiple meals a day can not only prevent overeating in a timely and effective manner, but also effectively maintain daily energy consumption.

Second, eat more protein. Not only does this help muscle growth, but you feel fuller and less hungry, and you can avoid excess calorie intake. During digestion, most of the calories from protein are converted into energy,

Third, eat more fiber foods.

Fiber foods are higher in satiety and higher in fiber in fruits and vegetables. You're more likely to successfully lose weight and keep fat if you eat more fiber foods, protein, and more of your daily meals.

Fourth, muscle-building periods and weight-loss periods should no longer alternate.

If we are overweight, then the business does not need to gain muscle, if the weight is normal, it does not need to gain muscle, only through the development of underweight people need to gain muscle, you are too thin, eat too little, then you need to constantly Increase patient weight. In fact, it is not healthy to maintain too low body fat. What you need is a normal value for you in the society. Everyone chooses different body fat. If it can't be lower than your normal value, you will feel hungry, feel uncomfortable, sleep well, have no time and energy, you need teachers to try and explore to find some suitable body fat percentage for China, for most of them Generally speaking, the body fat rate is between 10%-20% and the system is normal.

If you really want to change ourselves, you can think of ways to a certain extent, find a rhythm that suits you more, and carry out reasonable diet training. If you don't have your own business and want to develop a mentally healthy body and target body shape, you will know what to do. It's not just diet, training, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, but also some other major social factors. You need to know. Without further ado, let's get started!