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How many payment methods are available in China at this stage?


Since 2011, when the state granted a payment business process license certificate and introduced payment companies to date chinese payment system, this trend of nearly 10 years, China has long been driving the world in the field of payments.

It can be said that there are four payment methods.

The first one: cash payment

The second kind: brush POS machine

The third kind: payment code

The fourth: transfer of funds

In these four methods, all of them are common to us, but in the field of POS, from swiping credit cards to cloud flash payment to password-free payment, and then to NFC payment on cell phones. nfc is also very convenient. This is also the method used by other countries. Only China has a unique shortcut to vigorously promote the QR code. On the contrary, most of the NFC payment on cell phones are not clear.

NFC on cell phones and sweep QR code comparison: NFC must be set up shopkeepers actually operate POS on, can not be more people with the same time payment.

Therefore, at this stage, the payment is more is the two-dimensional code payment.

Often do not write the face payment, because there are 2 reasons why the face payment is not suitable

Firstly, it is not convenient and fast, for the store must be professional shopkeeper, for the customer can not carry out at the same time payment, must wait in a long line

Secondly, there is no way to judge whether the customer is willing to pay or not.

For example, Zhang San is only passing through the card machine. It so happened that the person who was paying in front of him lowered his head, and then Zhang San was somehow paid. According to this reason, the central bank has long indicated that face recognition can be used in other areas, but it is not quite applicable at this stage for payment.

You, common is that type of payment method?