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SpO2 Monitor – Learn About The Wonders Of This Device

SpO2 Monitor – Learn About The Wonders Of This Device

After the pandemic, many of us have heard about oxygen saturation. Experts say that in some patients, the virus gets into and hides in their system. It does not show up any symptoms neither cold nor flu. But, suddenly, it reduces their oxygen saturation level, thereby turning their condition life-threatening. These patients do not know that they have faced the virus attack until they face difficulty breathing. Thanks to SpO2 Monitor! It should now be in every home. It will evaluate the oxygen saturation level at any time. So, if a person feels that he has been exposed to the virus, he can easily check the oxygen saturation levels himself with this monitor.

What is SpO2 Monitor?

SpO2 is otherwise called oxygen saturation. It is a measure of the amount of hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood relative to the level of hemoglobin that does not carry any oxygen. The human body will function properly only when there is a certain level of oxygen in the blood. When the SpO2 levels get too low, it can lead to very serious symptoms. This condition is referred to by experts as hypoxemia. To evaluate the level of oxygen present in the blood, a SpO2 monitor can come in handy.

How Does The Human Body Maintain Normal SpO2 Levels?

To prevent hypoxemia, normal oxygen saturation levels should be maintained. The good thing to remember here is that the human body can do this task itself. Breathing is one of the best methods that the body uses to maintain healthy SpO2 levels.

The lungs in the human body take the oxygen that has been inhaled. Then, it binds the oxygen to hemoglobin and then travels all through the body with a load of oxygen. When a person has psychological stress, the oxygen need of the body will increase. Even, it will happen during physical activities. However, the body can adapt itself to these increases. But, when the virus has already attacked the lungs, this cannot happen naturally. So, the right treatment is needed. With a SpO2 monitor, it will be possible to keep an eye on the oxygen levels such that worsening of the condition can be prevented by immediately visiting a hospital.

What is SpO2 Monitor

Measuring SpO2:

Different methods can be followed to ensure that the body contains normal oxygen levels. The most common and easy method is to use a SpO2 monitor. Not just in hospitals, nowadays, this handy monitor can be used in homes as well. The accuracy of the monitor is a crucial factor to consider when you shop for this monitor. Thanks to handy pocket models available these days! With these handy monitors, you can keep an eye on your oxygen levels on the go, wherever you are.

Edan Makes The Best SpO2 Monitor:

At Edan, with our experience in making many medical devices, we have made a SpO2 monitor. We wish to share that this is one of the smallest vital signs monitors available out there. The name of this device that we have produced is iM3s. We have designed this device to provide extraordinary portability all through the spot oxygen level checks. Even though we have created this device as a small hand-held device, its size does not affect its performance. Yes, this SpO2 monitor encompasses all crucial measurements apart from oxygen levels together. You can get values of NIBP and temperature as well apart from saturated oxygen levels in the blood. The fashionable handheld design is yet another attractive factor of this SpO2 monitor.