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Every day, diligent people mop the floor; choose the right mop to get twice the result with half the effort.

the benefit is to save energy

Want to clean the ground, even with the help of vacuum cleaners, but also inevitably have to use the mop, electric mop cordless electric spin mopbecause the vacuum cleaner can only clean the dust and lint particles on the ground, but the ground is inevitably some water marks, or some meals of juice soup, but also some footprints, such as to mop to mopping.

However, some people do not like the hassle of mopping every day, and others get tired of mopping once a week. In addition to the ground environment and room area, whether the mop is safe to use is also important.

First: the cotton mop, if the mop tile floor ground, this mop is probably the least recommended, because after absorbing water is not easy to wring dry, mopping after a long time can not dry, and then is the ground water marks may leave a lot of cleaning trouble, easy to dry odor, although the price of this mop is very cheap, but now few families will use, it is really laborious.

Second: the cotton mop, if the room is not large, the use of this is also very good, first of all, best electric steam mopthe price is cheap, rinse is also convenient, hand gently pull out the water, and not how to leave water marks, in general, the cost is good, but this mop is not durable, the mop above the rubber cotton may not use a few months will be loose, and then the rubber cotton thoroughly dry words, the speed of water absorption is very slow, There will be a smell if it is not dried.

Third, the rotating mop, which may appear similar to the ordinary cotton mop, but this can reach more places, such as under the sofa, and then this can be cleaned automatically after dumping water, to avoid squeezing water by hand, saving a lot of work, the price of this to be higher, but the good thing is that you can save energy, so many families will still choose this one, if your home area is relatively large. This is an excellent choice.

Fourth: the flat mop, this mop is a bit obvious in that you can press the room ah corner ah to drag electric mop vs steam mopalong with the wash, because the stain will naturally adhere to the fabric below, and finally just need to clean the fabric on it, the fabric down like a rag, directly wash on the line, now there is also the kind of automatic cleaning automatic dehydration scraper, to save more effort, although more expensive. However, it is also worth picking.

Fifth: electric mop, this is a relatively little used, there is an electric brush head, but also use some cleaning agents, the benefit is to save energy, but the application is not much for ordinary families,

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